Loudon County Animal Shelter


Hours and location  

Picture by Pat Hunter

By: Pat Hunter

August 28, 2008

Dogs and cats provide companionship, affection and comfort to humans. Unfortunately not every animal has a good home or caring humans. The local animal shelter tries to place homeless animals with a good caring loving home. Please consider adopting a homeless animal by visiting the animal shelter or go on-line to see the adoption list.      


Shelter Location & Hours:

Loudon County Animal Shelter
250 Jamie Drive
Loudon, TN  37771
865/458-5593865/458-9315 fax


Monday Through Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Holidays: Closed

Phone number: 458-5593. You can also leave a message 24 hours a day and it will be received the following business day.


Lost Pet

As a reminder, if a pet is lost, please call the Animal Shelter to see if your pet is at the shelter. According to the Animal Shelter website below, "We are required by State Law to hold strays for 72 hours, after the 72 hours has expired, they will be placed available for adoption, and as a last resort euthanized.


"The Loudon County Animal Shelter is a county-run animal control facility and animal shelter. The shelter takes in around 200-300 animals each month and does everything in their power to give the animals a chance at being adopted. However, many of these animals never get to be adopted, and because of overcrowding, they have to be euthanized. To help fight this ever-growing problem, please be responsible and spay/neuter your pets. If you cannot afford to have your pet spayed/neutered and you live in Loudon County, you can call the Humane Society at 671-8654 for assistance or you can stop by the shelter and pick up an application. If you have seen an animal on their website you are interested in adopting please stop by the shelter to begin the adoption process. "

SOURCE: Loudon County Animal Shelter