Arp’s Men Ok’d


Gen Lambert, Mayor Doyle Arp, Comm. Bob Franke sitting, Jimmy Matlock standing, Rep. Matlock chatting 


TRDA Appointments rubber stamped by majority vote

By: Pat Hunter

November 10, 2008


At Monday’s Commission meeting (Nov. 3rd) Mayor Arp requested consideration of adopting a Resolution to approve the appointments to the TRDA Board.


Fifth District (D-5) Commissioner Harold Duff made a motion to recommend accept the Mayor’s recommendation of Representative Jimmy Matlock and Loudon City Vice-Mayor Gene Lambert to represent Loudon County on the Tellico Reservoir Development Agency (TRDA) Board of Directors. Commissioner Wayne Gardin seconded the motion.


Tellico Village is within the TRDA boundary and some of District 3, lakefront communities. Miller decided not to challenge Arp at this meeting but Franke stood firm and voiced his opinion for District 3 and 7 representation.


D-3 Greenback Commissioner Bob Franke expressed his opinion that he hoped that at some time in the future that he wanted to see some representation for District 3 and District 7 on the TRDA Board. Franke said that he would vote no on this. On a voice vote, voting yes were Commissioners: Duff, Park, Gardin, Maples, Marcus, Meers, and Bledsoe. Voting no were commissioners: Franke, Shaver and Miller.


At the October Commission meeting, Mayor Arp mentioned that Commissioners Don Miller and Bob Franke had opposed Matlock and Lambert and had asked him to take both off the TRDA Board. Arp boasted about State Representative Jimmy Matlock and Councilman Gene Lambert and TRDA's accomplishments.  Comm. Don Miller had expressed his concerns and opinion about representation from Districts 7 and 3, which he felt were directly affected by the actions of the TRDA Board. But Mayor Arp didn’t seem to care for that idea. Arp raised his voice at Miller and said something about, you had your chance. Commissioner Miller replied, pardon me. Arp continued, You had a chance and you still wanted everything your way!