If someone hadn’t asked aloud, I wonder when director Jason Vance planned to get around to publicly disclosing the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) results for Loudon County School system.

At the end of  Loudon County Board of Education's  (Sept. ) workshop meeting during public comment, I commented how surrounding counties released Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) results and I requested an update for Loudon County's schools. Articles have been written about AYP results, and ACT scores but none here.

Director Jason Vance stated that this year more schools were “on target” than before; but above the state average.

Vance explained that he had shared this information with school board members so the question remains, why wasn't this information discussed and disseminated publicly?

Director Vance read from his computer screen and gave the list of schools “on target” and “good standing” and how the state is requesting a waiver from the federal government.

Four out nine schools are on target, and five are on good standing. “On Target” schools include Ft. Loudon Middle School, Loudon Elem. School, Highland Park, Loudon High School. “Good Standing” schools include Eaton Elem., Greenback School, North Middle School, Philadelphia, and Steekee School.

Another person, Richard Truitt spoke about ACT scores in an adjoining school system, and he asked about Loudon County Schools ACT results. He wanted to see the number of students that took the ACT and grouped by scores. Instead of disclosing the information at an open meeting, instead he received a personal invitation from Mr. Vance to review the data in his office so they could talk. That may be good and fine but why not share all the information with the public or better yet why not post it to the Loudon County school website for everyone to see?  By the way TCAP scores are posted on the county school website.

School board member Gary Ubben suggested holding a workshop meeting to discuss grades and scores.  

We hear accolades for a job well done, and excellence in some of our schools, but it's equally important to show positive progress and gains for under performing schools; every child deserves a quality education. It shouldn't require a personal audience with the school director for all parents, and public to know what goes on in our school system.

P.S. In past years, the AYP and ACT results were openly discussed by the school board and former school director. Additionally, this year's data located on the Tennessee State Report Card website differs from the information, which director Vance stated at the workshop meeting. When I inquired about the difference to some Central Office staff members, they could not offer any explanation.