More Bad News for Road Superintendent!



The Budget Committee says no to Giles request for additional personnel.

Bob Franke's new laptop makes its grande debut. Franke was one of three commissioners (Wayne Gardin and Shirley Reno) that received a new laptop paid for with taxpayer money.


By: Pat Hunter

July 29, 2008


It just wasn’t a good day for Road Superintendent Sean Giles when he went before the Budget Committee; so far he was striking out, first with his $10,000 pay supplement and now with his request for more personnel.  


Finance Director Tracy Blair passed out the spread sheet with budget revisions along with copies of letters submitted by Road Superintendent Sean Giles. The only change in the budget request was made to salaries and everything else Mr. Giles left it as it was explained Finance Director Tracy Blair. Giles was now asking for another person. Giles informed the Budget Committee how his  foreman had serious health issues and he may need another employee to fill in. Marcus commented that the employee should be on medical leave. Giles mentioned that two people would have to be trained in order to fill that one position.


As Marcus glanced down at her budget sheets she asked so you’re asking us to approve a second $51,000 assistant position. Don Miller inquired, wouldn’t it be better to wait until you know for sure and then come to us? Giles replied “no” and Miller asked “why.”


Giles was concerned about the inordinate amount of time required by the Budget Committee to hire additional personnel. Giles mentioned that only he could dictate his department’s needs for more personnel.


He was informed that the Budget Committee approved the bottom line dollar and that he as the Highway Director could spend the money accordingly.


Doesn’t it make sense to come to us for another $50,000 when you need it rather than now, Don Miller asked Giles? Miller felt that if every department operated in that manner that the County would have some real budgetary problem. Giles commented that he had said what he wanted to say, I either get it or I don’t.


Giles lamented over starting over and coming before the Budget Committee if he needed to a hire another person. Most of the Budget Committee felt that they could not approve additional personnel on a “maybe.” They wanted definite information about the additional position and at this time Giles could not give a definite yes or no.   


Giles said that he had $400,000 from last year. Miller remarked you won’t spend the $50,000 until you need to spend it; then why not ask us for the $50,000 if you actually need it. Miller thought that Giles was running a good department that he felt was under funded in past years. Marcus said that she could not approve Giles request right now and Miller was willing to approve when Giles was ready to spend it.


Finance Director Blair mentioned that she had added ten percent into the rollover budget expense and the fund balance for the highway department would likely be more than $300,000. Miller was steadfast. He maintained that funds should not be approved until they knew for sure and Marcus agreed with him.


Giles said that he was looking out for the best interest of the County and that he and the Budget Committee had a difference in views. Giles was concerned about the delay and that it would take another two months for approval time. But the Budget Committee refused to budge and no action was taken.