Player's dad accused of assault:

Man allegedly threw juvenile to floor at son's basketball game

By Hugh G. Willett

Sunday, February 20, 2011


An arrest warrant filed in Knox County last week accuses the husband of the Lenoir City school board chairwoman of assaulting a juvenile at a Knoxville Catholic High School basketball game last month.

The warrant charges Lloyd Robert Quillen, the father of a Lenoir City High School basketball player, with misdemeanor assault of a Knoxville Catholic player. Quillen's wife, Rosemary, is the chairwoman of the Lenoir City school board.

The family of the man charged says he was just doing what any parent would do to protect one's child.

According to the warrant, sought by Valerie K. McFall, parent of the Knoxville Catholic player, Quillen left the stands during the second half of a Jan. 27 junior varsity basketball game at Knoxville Catholic after an altercation broke out on the court between his son and a player on the Knoxville Catholic team.

Quillen allegedly went onto the court, grabbed the Knoxville Catholic player by the arm, pulled him from the scuffle and threw him to the floor.

The game was called off after the altercation. Neither players' names are being released because they are juveniles.

The Quillens have not returned calls for comment since the incident occurred. A family member said they have been unavailable because of a recent death in the family.

Lenoir City Councilman Douglas "Buddy" Hines is the father-in-law of Lloyd Quillen and grandfather of the Lenoir City player. He was not at the game but said he has viewed a videotape of the incident.

Hines said his son-in-law intervened only after the referee refused to take action to stop the fight and only used enough force to separate the players.

"If any parent saw their child being beaten, they'd try to stop it," he said.

Under the terms of his release on $500 bond, Quillen is not allowed to attend sports activities of his children in Knox County. Attempts to reach the parent of the Knoxville Catholic player were unsuccessful. Knoxville Catholic representatives have not returned phone calls seeking comment.

Hugh G. Willett is a freelance contributor to the News Sentinel.