Bids Opened

Loudon Council set to Vote to Award Bid Contract Sept. 22

The End is Near for Old Blue!


Bid - names of companies and amounts of bids.

By: Pat Hunter

September 20, 2008

On hand for Thursday's, September 18th bid opening was Kathy Knight, assistant EDA Director, and Lynn Mills, Loudon City-LUB manager, as well as, Barge Waggoner personnel. The threesome met with vendors to open the sealed bids at the City of Loudon meeting room for the “Wharf Street Greenway and Streetscape. The clock in the meeting room was wrong and the bid process started before the scheduled time of 1:00 P.M. The bids were opened and the cost was astronomical, see the chart below!

Three Bids were opened with Alternate 1 & 2 bids with the lowest bid amount, which was submitted by Design & Construction Services- Clinton for $452,022.64. Second lowest bid was submitted by Cozy Excavating-Knoxville for $637,075.50 and the highest bid was placed by Patty Drilling-Lenoir City for $657,878.50. 


Company Greenway Streetscapes Total Base Bid Alternate

Bid 1


Bid 2

Cozy Excavation & Contracting, LLC

Clinton, TN













Design & Construction Services   

Knoxville TN













Patty Drilling

Lenoir City, TN













Loudon City Council to address bid award - Sept. 22

Loudon City councilmen and Mayor Inky Swiney continue to press forward under the direction of the Loudon County Economic Development Agency. And Loudon City Council is set to vote at Monday's Sept. 22, 2008 Council meeting for the bid to the Greenway Project and Streetscapes Project. An announcement will be made then and the bid awarded based on recommendation of Barge Wagonner personnel and Lynn Mills.  

With all the redevelopment projects in the works, do Loudon City officials and business owners really think that people will come to Loudon City given the stench from Tate & Lyle and Viskase, which permeates the air?

Instead of cutting down the Old Blue Christmas tree, Loudon City officials, property and business owners should focus their attention to address the foul air problem that seems to hurt Loudon City's economy! Who wants to sit outside or walk around in the Historic downtown Loudon District when the odors turn one's stomach?

Its hard to imagine a Greenway Project with plans to remove the greenest part of the Greenway Project, the Old Blue Christmas Tree, despite the outcry and concerns of children and adults!

Lets Talk Financial Details

So far, the City of Loudon has received an enhancement grant in the amount of $144,100 to assist with the development of the Historic Wharf Street Greenway Project but where all the other financial details involving this costly project?

The City of Loudon also received another $44,822.00 transportation enhancement grant for the Wharf Street Greenway Lighting Project. According to press release, "The grant funds will be used to add 12 street lights along the Wharf Street." All Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grant (LPRF) grants require a 50 percent match by the recipient.

Its time for full financial disclosure of this Greenway and Streetscapes Project.


Read details and description of the "alleged" Loudon City Greenway project, which proposes to AXE Old Blue Christmas Tree (see public records below).

Description of purported Greenway Project.

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