The Loudon County Board of Education Budget Committee met at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 17th in the BOE Boardroom, County Office Building. Budget Committee members in attendance: Will Jenkins (Chair), Leroy Tate, Gary Ubben and Phil Moffett. Others in attendance: Director Jason Vance, Mike Garren, Assistant Director and Chad Presley, Business Manager, BOE Board member Ric Best and one citizen, myself; no press.

The purpose of the Budget Committee meeting was to examine and discuss the preliminary FY 14-15 of $36,199,426.00 Operating Budget #141. Highlights of the proposed FY 14-15 Budget:

As the meeting neared the end, Board member Leroy Tate made a motion to approve $36,300,000.00 Operating Budget (preliminary budget $36,199,426), second by Phil Moffett. Aye: Tate and Moffett. Absent: Jenkins and Ubben.

With projected total revenues of $35,027,169, and proposed Expenditures of $36,300,000; the projected shortfall will be an estimated $1,272,831 (loss).

The Budget Committee spoke about sending the preliminary FY 14-15 Budget with the adjustments to the next BOE workshop meeting on Thursday, May 1.  Since Budget Chair Will Jenkins left the meeting early followed by Budget member Gary Ubben, the two budget committee members were not present when the vote was taken; no quorum was present.

Last year, Loudon County Commission approved $36,000,000 for the #141 Operating Budget, and the Board of Education dipped into the fund balance by $957,310.

Unless Commission approves additional funding to cover the $36.3 Million Operating Budget, it looks like the Board of Education will have to trim the budget or dip into the fund balance, once again.  Estimated ending fund balance: $5,184,065.

The ball will be in Budget Committee and County Commission’s court.

On a related budget note: Budget Chair Mayor Estelle Herron is expected to distribute her #101 FY 14-15 County Operating Budget and recommendations to the Budget Committee on Monday, April 21st. The County Budget Committee will either meet in public to examine the budget, or just rubber stamp Mayor Herron's preliminary FY 14-15 County Budget.

The County Capitals Projects recommendations from last week will also be forwarded to the Budget Committee. (County Budget Committee: Chair Estelle Herron, Don Miller, Bob Franke, David Meers, and Roy Bledsoe).