It's official now, more changes in store for Loudon County Schools. The Loudon County School system under the leadership of new Director Jason Vance released a Press Release last week of proposed personnel changes to team members and select media outlet.  

Director Vance's decision not to renew principal Tim Berry's contract has upset many parents. Many supporters question whether his demotion was politically motivated. Only two employees of the Loudon County School system applied for the position of School Director, Jason Vance and Tim Berry, and now his rival is out of a principal's job. Tim Berry will now be transferred to Loudon High School as a science teacher. Michael Casteel has been named North Middle School principal. 

As THE HUNTER REPORT previously reported, the Monroe County Advocate-Democrat, sister newspaper of the News Herald (owned by the Jones Media Inc.) reported that Michael Garren was leaving the Monroe County School. Apparently, Garren was hired in late May by Director Jason Vance to serve as Assistant Director of Schools in Loudon County. What a way to find out about the hiring of the new assistant school director. The community didn't first hear the news from school director Vance but from another newspaper that reported Garren's departure from the Monroe County School system.  Garren served as Supervisor of Instruction for grades 9-12 and Title II Director for Monroe County Board of Education and he comes with exemplary recommendations.   

Former Eaton Elementary School principal Jennifer Malone will change roles. She was promoted as the new technology supervisor, and middle school instructional supervisor.  Eaton Elem. assistant school principal Melanie Amburn was promoted as new Eaton Elementary School principal. She has been the assistant principal at Eaton Elem. for the past eight years.  Mrs. Amburn has recently named Ashley Talley as her assistant principal.  Congratulations to Ms. Malone, Ms. Amburn, and Ms. Talley.

Barbara Bradley has been hired as new Greenback School principal. She replaces former Greenback Principal Joey Breedlove who abruptly resigned, and will now teach math at Ft. Loudoun Middle School. Ms. Bradley also comes with a long list of accomplishments.