School Board to meet Monday June 9th 


Mayor Doyle Arp presents retiring School Director Edward Headlee with a Service Plaque 


BOE’s Latest Budget Cuts Coming

By: Pat Hunter


Mayor Doyle Arp started off the June 2nd Commission meeting by giving a statement of how School Director Edward Headlee had dropped by his office shortly after 8:00 A.M. that same morning and had informed him that the Board of Education was working on cutting the school budget the previous Friday (May 30th) and was within $400,000 of what the Budget Committee had offered to do.


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Director Edward Headlee addressed Commissioners and requested a delay to set the tax rate. He informed Commission that based on information that had been received and work on the budget that the School Board would meet on Monday June 9th. The School Board would go through the budget, item by item, and then get back to Commission, which would be more aligned with the Budget Committee's request. Headlee requested a delay in setting the property tax rate, which was scheduled to go from $1.84 to $1.92.  Commissioners decided to place the 8 cent property tax hike on hold to give the School Board additional time to look at the budget and proposed cuts.


School Board Meeting - June 12th


The School Board will meet on Thursday, June 12th at 7:00 PM at the Annex to take formal action and vote on the FY 08-09 Budget. This is listed as agenda item # V.  Consideration of 2008 – 2009 school budget. BOE Agenda and Facilities Maintenance Report, see below.


BOE Workshop (Budget Cuts) - June 9th

The School Board will meet at 6:30 PM on Monday, June 9th at the Annex basement meeting room, to discuss the latest set of budget cuts.


A request to obtain a list of the June 9th proposed budget cuts, a public record, was made to the Board of Education on Friday afternoon but public information was not made available. Copies of cuts are supposed to be available at Monday’s workshop meeting.


The School Board met last month to discuss other proposed cuts. Click here to view May 5, 2008 Proposed BOE Budget Cuts list .


School Budget Cuts in Limbo


When the School Board last met on May 19th, the School Board was going to wait and see how much money county schools would actually receive from State BEP revenues. The School Board  met with principles at that time to get feedback about possible cuts from each school. Principles were asked by the School Board to prepare a list of possible cuts and to prioritize cuts. Ms. Jennifer Malone from Eaton’s Elementary was the only principle to actually comply with the Board’s request and many of the other school principles and administrators made emotional pleas that budget cuts could hurt students.


D-2, Lenoir City, Larry Proaps did not favor making cuts. Proaps voiced presenting the budget as such to commissioners while other school board members wanted more reliable funding information from the state before proposing to make cuts.


BOE Agenda below 



June 12, 2008

7:00 P.M.

Courthouse Annex

Pledge & Prayer

Opening of meeting – Chairman Johnson

Adoption of Agenda

I.  Approval of minutes of May meeting (copy enclosed)

Presentations to retiring teachers – Chairman Johnson

Presentations – Chairman/Director

Angie Lucier

City of Greenback

Eaton Elementary School

Recognition of Visitors – This is the time for anyone who wishes to address the Board about any matter

                                on the agenda (This item is limited to a total time of 30 minutes for comments.

                                        Anyone wishing to address the Board should limit his/her remarks to allow for others.)

II.  5K Run/Walk proposal – Melisa Fuhrmeister (CSHP)

 III.  Administrative Reports – Administrators

IV.  Approval of summer camps – Philadelphia Elementary School

Boys Basketball Camp               Grades 3 - 7                 June 9 - 13

Girls Basketball Camp              Grades 3 - 7                 June 16 - 20

 V.  Consideration of 2008 – 2009 school budget

VI.  Director’s items:

A.     Budget amendments (copies enclosed) – Bennie Sims

B.     Comments/Updates, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

A. Edward Headlee

Director of Schools


NOTE:  Board Workshop – Courthouse Annex – Monday, June 9th – 6:30 P.M.


Report from David Hemelright


Loudon County Board of Education 







Facilities Maintenance Coordinator Monthly Report: May 2008



1.               Modular Educational Unit at Greenback is still working with SFMO Nashville. SFMO Knoxville, originator of the concerns has “washed hands” of the entire situation. Unit at North Middle will undergo re-inspection week of June 2nd.

2.               Additional Fire Alarm work required by SFMO Knoxville at Greenback is underway. Completion is expected on the additional work by week of June 9th.

3.               Preconstruction Meeting for Phase I of the HVAC replacement was held on 29 May. Four Seasons Company has commenced work on the project. Plans are presently being reviewed by SFMO Nashville. Completion date of project will be last week in July.

4.               The incessant “beeping” of the FACP at Eaton has continued in spite of the dedicated circuit. Power test on the circuit for 8 days showed absolutely no power fluctuation beyond normal. Gallaher and Associates will replace the control panel to see if it was not, in fact, a defective replacement panel.

5.               The completed “Our School” design fair was given to all middle schools, Loudon Elementary, CTE, Food Service and Family Resource Center for implementation over the next few months.

6.               Attended Budget workshops for the Board of Education.

7.               Upland Design Group is working on the Loudon High School Auditorium renovation project.

8.               County Maintenance repaired substantial roof leak at North Middle School caused by roof inspector not re-sealing “core” sample area.

9.                Investigated program to monitor the kitchen walk-in refrigerated boxes that will notify some one of authority to correct problems if the temperature rises above a critical set point. This program will prevent food loss in the event of a refrigeration failure during unoccupied times.

10.            Conducted workshops on Insulated Concrete Forms for our Architects and Construction Managers.

11.            Attended Solid Waste Commission Workshop. There will be some recycling programs forthcoming that will benefit the schools and county landfill.

12.            Scheduled summer kitchen hood cleaning.

13.            Scheduled required (NFPA 25) five (5) year inspections on fire sprinkler systems.

14.            For CTE, met with Electrical Contractor to provide primary electrical service and distribution to the free greenhouse at Greenback, and the no cost pole barn at Loudon High School.

15.            Community Tectonics is preparing plans to submit to SFMO Nashville for the required work by SFMO Knoxville for Greenback School.

16.            Handicap lift requirements for the middle school stairs will be investigated at the same time for Greenback School.

17.            Obtained keys for the affected facilities for the HVAC replacement contractor.

18.            Responded to calls for assistance and conducted follow up visits to facilities to ensure that the work orders are being accomplished, and that the schools are being taken care of properly and punctually.


Respectively Submitted,

        Dave H.

David Hemelright, Coordinator



Update 06-09-08