Source: Board of Education Policy Manual

Section 1 Board Operations



The Executive Committee of the Board shall be responsible for developing an agenda for each board

meeting. Any board member may place items on the agenda for discussion. The particular order may

vary from meeting to meeting in keeping with the business at hand.


For a regular board meeting, the agenda (which shall include the consent agenda), together with supporting

materials, shall be distributed to board members at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled

date of the meeting. The agenda shall be available for public inspection and/or distribution when it is

distributed to the board members. At the beginning of each meeting, the Board shall, by a majority vote,

approve the agenda for the meeting, which may involve the addition to or deletion of items previously

included on the agenda. The Board, however, shall not revise board policies or adopt new ones, unless

such action has been scheduled.


Staff members or citizens of the district may suggest items for the agenda.


For items to be considered on the agenda, they must be received in the director of schools' office seven

(7) days prior to the scheduled date of the meeting. The person(s) requesting an item on the agenda

shall forward any background information to the director of schools' offi ce so that the material will be

included in the delivery to the board members prior to the meeting.



While developing the agenda, the chair and director of schools shall identify routine or non-controversial

items to be placed on the consent agenda, which shall become a part of the regular agenda. If any

member objects to including an item on the consent agenda, that item shall be moved to the regular

agenda as an action item requiring discussion. The remaining consent items shall be adopted in a single

vote without discussion.



The Executive Committee shall assign to each item a certain amount of time determined to be sufficient

for disposing of each item on the agenda.



At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Board shall adopt an annual planning calendar, stating monthby-

month actions required by law and those required to carry out the Board's annual goals and objectives

and the State Board of Education's performance standards. In addition, the annual agenda shall designate

dates to monitor/review designated sections of the Board Policy Manual and to evaluate progress of

programs for student achievement.


Review: Annually,

in September

Loudon County Board of Education


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