Other BOE issues

Nov. 13th School Board meeting

By: Pat Hunter



Other issues and matters on the Nov. 13th School Board agenda:


  1. Bus Drivers Policy – tabled until the next meeting and workshop since Craig Simon is working on the policy. Simon was absent and he will answer any questions about the proposed policy. Attorney Chuck Cagle and Medical Director had input in the policy. This matter will be discussed at the next workshop meeting.



  1. Request for Extended Utilization from Bus Owner / Raymond MaynardNo action taken. Gil Luttrell, School Deputy Director, Transportation Dept. head. At the BOE workshop, Luttrell’s request was for an extended utilization for Raymond Maynard’s bus. He had taken the bus to the annual inspection that was conducted in October. The trooper had declared that the bus needed an extended utilization inspection rather than an annual inspection. Luttrell had disagreed because he thought that the bus was entering the 12th year of service. Luttrell presented the request to the Board because he was told by the Bus Owner that this bus needs an extended utilization. He followed up afterward and realized that the bus was in the 12th and not 13th year of operation. The bus driver was mistaken and the school bus will be given an annual inspection, which is due to be inspected before December 2008.  This request has to be withdrawn and resubmitted next year, said Luttrell.



  1. Proposed Bus Access Road at Loudon Elementary School updateTabled - no action taken. Gil Luttrell informed the School Board, “we” have learned recently that we must insure that on that road that there is a 20 foot clearance for emergency vehicles. We can not insure that there will always be 20’ of clearance on that road, Luttrell explained. Also because of the discussion of where the money is to come from and because it is approaching mid-year, Luttrell requested that this matter be tabled until the next budget cycle (FY 09-10). Board-member Proaps said that was the 1st that he heard about the 20’ clearance.  Luttrell was referring to the life safety fire access road that school officials didn't want to construct or budget for.



  1. School Secretary / Para Pro Pay Scales – Tabled. This matter was tabled until the next budget FY 09-10 school year. The budget process starts in January 2009 but the budget will not be finalized until summertime so there will be much discussion.



  1. Set Dates for November & December Workshops. Bill Marcus made a motion to hold all future workshop meetings at the Tech Center on Harrison Rd. Lenoir City, which was unanimously approved. Since the 4th Thursday school board workshop falls in conflict with the Thanksgiving holiday, the workshop meeting will be held on Monday, December 1, same evening at the commission meeting. The workshop meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. but the School Board will meet at 6:00 p.m. to eat dinner at the facility. Good job on excluding Commission from hearing more about your future school building plans. 


  1. The School Board voted to form a Committee after a motion was made by Bill Marcus, 2nd by Scott Newman. The committee is to assist in gathering information to bring to the Board. This is just for one project regarding the Bleacher issue. First, the Board voted to halt work due to concerns from Board member Scott Newman. Newman mentioned that there were several issues including access to the bleachers, which make it difficult to clean. He said that the maintenance dept. cut some holes and now jagged metal is protruding, which he felt was a safety issue and the work was a shoddy job. The Maintenance Committee will meet to discuss some of theses issues. The School Board felt that it was not in the best interest to continue the installation of the bleachers given the problems at Ft. Loudon Middle. Safety was the number one concern. Maintenance Committee will be comprised of Proaps, Shaver, Harrelson, Simmon and Russell. Newman said that he would attend. Other Board members were invited to attend to hear the discussion.