School Board Workshop

Loudon High School

6:30 P.M.,  Jan. 29, Thursday


The Loudon County Board of Education will hold its monthly workshop meeting at the Loudon High School on Lee Hwy., in Loudon. Workshop meetings are usually held at the Tech Center in Lenoir City however, School Board members and certain others were invited to dine at the high school before the workshop meeting. After the School Board dinner, the workshop meeting will commence at 6:30 P.M., which is open to the public. The workshop agenda is listed below.




Workshop Agenda

Loudon High School

January 29, 2009

6:30 p.m.


Opening of Meeting – Leroy Tate


I.         Review February 12, 2009 Board Meeting Agenda


Recognition of Visitors – This is the time for anyone who wishes to address the Board about any matter on the Agenda.

This time is limited to a total of 30 minutes for comments.  Anyone wishing to address the Board should limit his/her remarks to allow for others.)


II.             Administrative Reports:

a.       Special Education Monitoring – Sissy Foster

b.       Exemplary Educators – Sissy Foster

c.       Roofs, Bleachers & HVAC Update – David Hemelright

d.       Update on Flumist to be presented at Feburary 12, 2009 Board Meeting – Teresa Harrill


III.           Food Service Charge Policy – Alison Millsaps


IV.           Approval of Bio-Med Class at Loudon High School – Cheri Parrish


V.              Adoption of School Calendar – Scott Mackintosh / Director Honeycutt


VI.           Approval to name Philadelphia Baseball Field “Bryan Curtis Field” –  Mary Hill


VII.         Internet Safety Guidelines Policy– Chris Smallen

Acquisition and Use of Technology Equipment Policy – Chris Smallen

Use of Electronic E-Mail Policy – Chris Smallen



V.              Director’s Reports

a.       Personnel Policy Review

b.       Radon Testing


VIII.      Building Program Update – Director Honeycutt

Up to date figures on the Building Program will be available very soon.  We will forward those numbers as soon as possible.