Why are rules and policies ignored or broken?


Note from The Hunter Report: The agenda was sent without an explanation as to why certain speakers would address the Board. Robert's Rules requires some indication of the matters to be considered.


Hunter will address the Board about the TSBA Taxing Authority Resolution By School Boards.  RESOLUTION 16 Taxing Authority Submitted by the TSBA Board of Directors The Tennessee School Boards Association urges the General Assembly to take the appropriate steps to provide boards of education with taxing authority.





Board Meeting Agenda              

Courthouse Annex                                      

November 13, 2008    6:30pm

Pledge & Prayer – Jason Vance

Opening of Meeting – Chairman Tate

Adoption of Agenda –


     1.    Approval of Minutes of October meeting (copy enclosed)


     2.  School Presentation for November – Highland Park Elementary


Recognition of Visitors – This is a time for anyone who wishes to address the Board about any matter on the agenda.  (This time is limited to a total of 30 minutes for comments.  Anyone wishing to address the Board should limit his/her remarks to allow for others.)


3.              a.  Pat Hunter to address the Board - ?

     b.  David Colvard to address the Board ?


4.      Administrative Reports/Updates

a.   New Bus Driver Approval / Danielle Minton – Gil Luttrell

b.     Request for Extended Utilization from Bus Owner / Raymond Maynard – Gil Luttrell

c.      Access Road @ LES update – Gil


5.     Student Member’s Reports

a.  Chris Sabo – Greenback High School

b.  Sarah Reese – Loudon High School


  1.  321 Land Deal Investigation – Van Shaver


  1. Director’s Reports/ Updates
    1. Board Operations Policy

1.     New Sample Policies

1.106.1 (form) – 1.808 – 4.301 – 5.114 – 6.304

2.     Annual Review of Board Operations Policies for

September, October, & November  /  on-line

                        3.  Non-Agenda Items – Mr. Honeycutt

    1. Budget Amendments – Bennie Simms
    2. School Secretary / Para Pro Pay Scales – Mr. Honeycutt
    3. Building Program Updates – Mr. Honeycutt