NO Published Agenda Beforehand



County Office Building - county office side is open & has cars while there are no cars on the BOE side.

Buck Stops with School Board

By: Pat Hunter

December 31, 2008


On December 29th the office of planning sent agendas for two different public meetings including Lenoir Cityís January 6, 2009 planning meeting and Loudonís January 7th meeting. On December 23rd county clerk Riley Wamplerís office posted the agenda to the internet for the January 5, 2009 Commission meeting. Other departments can send out agendas on a timely basis so why can't the school board do the same?  

Have you wondered how things tend to drag on and on, when it comes to the school board? Here it is just days away from Mondayís January 5, 2009, Loudon County Board of Education workshop meeting and there is no published agenda and related packet information. The agenda and packet information wasnít posted to the BOE website and information, was not emailed.

Important matters such as Proposed School Building Plan Costs are supposed to be discussed at Mondayís workshop meeting. How can school board members, public or media obtain information and ask questions or even hold any sort of intelligent and/or informed discussion if information is not readily available to read and understand before the meeting?

The BOE workshop meeting was scheduled when school officials and school board members knew full well that this public meeting would be in conflict with another important public meeting, County Commissionís monthly business meeting. Who schedules these public meetings without any consideration for the public? School Director Honeycutt has spoken about not hurting the rapport that has been established with the Budget Committee. How considerate is it to schedule public meetings when commissioners (funding body) cannot attend to hear all the details of the school building plan, which they must ultimately approve and finance? 

On December 31, other Loudon County employees were at work at the county office building and Annex in Loudon.  When students are on vacation for Christmas break, should Board of Education Central Office staff, take time off when other county employees must work? Why weren't agendas and packets prepared in advance of closing BOE offices? The buck stops with the Loudon County Board of Education to provide oversight and compliance of rules and policies.

School Board members, please be considerate of the public and hold public meetings that do not conflict with other important county meetings. Citizens have a right to be informed about matters that affect education, pocketbooks and quality of life.

School Board Meeting Notice

NO Published Agenda Beforehand

School Building Plan Costs to be discussed

  6:30 PM - Jan. 5, 2009 (Monday)

Tech Center, Harrison Rd., Lenoir City