Budget Committee Meeting

By: Pat Hunter

The Budget Committee will meet at 1:00 PM Monday, August 31st at the Loudon County Office Bldg., 100 River Rd., Loudon. The budget process continues.

Budget Committee members Chris Park and Harold Duff were a no show at the August 26 Budget Committee meeting. With a quorum present, Budget Committee members Budget Chair Mayor Doyle Arp, and commissioner Don Miller and David Meers spoke informally, no action was taken on the proposed FY 09-10 budget.

Here are some notes regarding the Budget Committee's discussion about the proposed FY 09-10 budget items. The following budget items remain outstanding:

Tentative Dates

There was an informal discussion about tentative dates, which are subject to change based on commissioners discussion and vote. A September 1 (Tuesday) Commission meeting was mentioned but the News Herald reported that the commission meeting will be held on September 8th.

September 8-11, 2009 - time set aside for commissioners to go to finance office and ask questions about proposed budget.

September 16, 2009 - (Wednesday) 4:00 commission workshop to discuss the proposed FY 09-10 budget.

October 5 Commission meeting - moving the October 5th commission meeting date possibly to October 12, 2009 subject to discussion and vote by commission at Sept. 1 commission meeting. (Note: some commissioners will be on vacation in the month of September and early October).