Budget Committee to Meet 2:00 PM, April 20

Budget Committee: Harold Duff, Tracy Blair, Mayor Arp, Don Miller, David Meers, Chris Park 

County Office Bldg., Loudon

By: Pat Hunter

April 19, 2009

The last time the Loudon County Budget Committee met, only one person was in attendance and the local press didn't bother to attend.

The Budget Committee has already met twice, April 6 and April 9, so far to discuss and vote on recommendations for the proposed 2009-2010 Loudon County budget. The Budget Committee recommended giving LCTV-3 Community Channel $10,000 even though LCTV-3 didn't bother to submit a budget request at the time. Same LCTV-3 that refuses to allow public comments from Loudon County and Lenoir City residents that is said at public meetings, which is broadcast over the community channel.  

Budget Committee members also agreed to meet on Monday, April 20th at 2:00 PM at the County Office Bldg. on River Rd., in Loudon. Bill Cox, Codes Enforcement Director is scheduled to speak to the Budget Committee about his department budget. Permits are down and so are revenues while Cox's budget reflects few cuts.

When the Codes Enforcement department was established, the public was led to believe that the department would pay for itself!

One significant decrease to the codes budget is the cost of gasoline since inspectors are no longer allowed to take county cars back and forth to work according to Budget Chairman Mayor Arp.



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