Commissioner Steve Harrelson congratulates Interim Property Assessor Mike Campbell

who will fill the unexpired term of the late Chuck Jenkins 




Loudon County Commission considered two names to serve as interim property assessor, with the new kid on the block receiving seven of ten commission votes.

Commissioner Bob Franke nominated Mike Campbell, and Commissioner David Meers nominated deputy property assessor Jane Smith. Chairman Roy Bledsoe asked if there were any other nominations from commission members, or the audience, and no other names were given. Chairman Bledsoe asked for nominations to cease and Commissioner Austin Shaver motioned for nominations to cease, which was seconded by Commissioner Don Miller. He asked for discussion and hearing no discussion all commissioners voted unanimously to cease nominations.

Bledsoe commented that two names were under consideration, and for each commissioner to give one name as the clerk called roll call. No one objected to the selection process.

Each commissioner name was called out as the vote was recorded. Commissioner Bob Franke - Campbell; Commissioner Roy Bledsoe - Ms. Smith; Commissioner Harold Duff - Campbell; Commissioner Sharon Yarbrough - Campbell; Commissioner Stephen Harrelson - Campbell; Commissioner Don Miller - Campbell; Commissioner Bryan Jenkins - Smith; Commissioner David Meers - Smith; Commissioner Earlena Maples - Campbell, and Commissioner Austin Shaver- Campbell. The roll call vote was seven (Franke, Duff, Yarbrough, Harrelson, Miller, Maples, and Shaver) for Campbell, and three for Smith. All three votes for Jane Smith came from Loudon and Philadelphia commissioners (Meers, Jenkins, and Bledsoe).

Chairman Bledsoe announced that Mr. Campbell had been selected as interim property assessor and asked if he had anything to say. Mike Campbell approached the podium and said, "Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward for filling the term of Chuck Jenkins and I look forward to serving the citizens of the community. Thank you." 

Commissioner Meers said that he did not vote for Campbell but that he pledged his full support for him.

Will it become effective now asked Commissioner Harrelson. If it's effective, I will give him his oath in the morning replied County Mayor Estelle Herron. The term is vacant so if there were no objections Mike Campbell would be sworn into office the next morning after Mayor Herron returns from an 8:00 a.m. dental appointment.

Mike Campbell will fill the un-expired term of the late Chuck Jenkins until the next election in August 2012.

Congratulations, Mr. Campbell.