Loudon City awards 2 Certificate of Compliance




72 Wine and Spirits LLC - Johnny James

Grove Wine & Spirits - James Purdy

By: Pat Hunter

March 16, 2009

When it came to Loudon City Council awarding two certificates of compliance, businessmen Ed Bell and John Tuck were two unhappy applicants after all was said and done. Ed Bell and John Tuck applied for a certificate of compliance the under the name of Loudon Wine & Spirits, L.L.C., 3662 Brooksview Rd., Lenoir City, TN 37772, Ed Bell, President and John Tuck, General Manager.

Loudon City Council held a Public Hearing on Monday, March 16, 2009 at 6:00 P.M. to hear public comments about the issuance for two certificates of compliance but nobody came forward to speak about liquor stores to be located in the corporate city limits of Loudon. The certificate of compliance allows the applicant to apply for a liquor license with the State ABS Board.

Director Pat Phillips and the Board of Directors of the Loudon County Economic Development Agency (EDA) seemed to create quite a stir and a few headaches for Loudon City Council members when the EDA Board voted to recommend accepting two Letters of Intent from two different parties to purchase the same piece of property located (Waffle House) at the Centre 75 Business Park, Loudon.

Applicants were graded by council members and the two highest scores came from Ed Bell and John Tuck, Loudon Wine & Spirits, L.L.C. and John James 72 Wine and Spirits LLC, but there was one big problem, both parties had listed the same piece of property on their application.

A bone of contention for Loudon City Council members, how do you award two certificates of compliance to two different parties when both named the same piece of property on their application? John James sent the first Letter of Intent to the EDA office and he received approval by the EDA Board for the parcel tract, Waffle House tract. Click to view Getting A Jump Start This was followed by a second Letter of Intent to the EDA office from Ed Bell and John Tuck to also purchase the same parcel tract, Waffle House tract in Centre 75. That recommendation was also approved by the EDA Board.Click To view 2nd Party vie for Centre 75 Tract including Public Notice. 

Comments were made that John James tried to purchase the property but Phillips purportedly would not cooperate on recommending the land sale option. Several times Phillips and the EDA were discussed and some on City Council felt that this issue would land Phillips and Loudon City Council in a lawsuit.  

Attorney Loren Plemmons representing John James brought up the matter of Bell and Tuck's business. There was also much discussion about the name of Bell and Tuck's business, they had purportedly reserved a name with the State rather than actually applying for an LLC, which seemed to disqualify them from the running.

After much discussion, Councilman Lynn Millsap made the motion to award the certificate of compliance to 72 Wine and Spirits LLC owner John James and Grove Wine & Spirits owner James Purdy; numbers 2 and 3.

Roll call was required and voting yes were Councilman Lynn Millsap, Mike Cartright and Gene Lambert. Voting no were Councilman "Charlie Brown" Garner and Mayor Inky Swiney paused and pointed to Councilman Garner and said "Oh Lord, that means I have to agree with him." But the Mayor voted no, nonetheless.

Facing possible lawsuits, Councilman Garner felt that Council members were "not sure" about many of the issues and he wanted Council to delay their decision until they could obtain an opinion with the state but others did not seem to agree.

More videos and pictures will be posted on this website. 

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