Sheriff Brings Good Cheer & Tidings

Long Spending List

By: Pat Hunter

November 30, 2008


On November 18th, Sheriff Tim Guider visited the Loudon County Budget Committee with a spending list of goodies including a request to transfer funds from the drug fund account for overtime pay. In attendance were Budget Chairman, Mayor Doyle Arp, Commissioner Don Miller and new member Commissioner Harold Duff. Finance Director Tracy Blair serves as a non-voting member of the Budget Committee. Absent: Commissioner Chris Park and new member, Commissioner David Meers, Loudon County Board of Education employee, Principal of Highland Park School.


Disbursement before Reimbursement –

Sheriff’s practice


Sheriff Tim Guider made an appearance, a first in many months, before the Loudon County Budget Committee with several budget requests. First on the agenda was Sheriff Guider’s request-supplement for in-service pay reimbursement. Budget Committee member Commissioner Don Miller asked if this was the step increase and Finance Director Tracy Blair replied, no.


Each year it has been the custom of Sheriff Guider to pay his deputies for in-service training during the holidays Nov. –Dec. 2008 however, training and reimbursement by State will follow months after the fact, usually in April- May 2009. A budget amendment was not needed since the amount was already budgeted however, the Finance Director sought approval for the disbursement of monies before the reimbursement by the State.


Commissioner Miller made the motion, 2nd by Commissioner Harold Duff, which was approved by the Budget Committee.


$5,000 TDOT Grant


Sheriff Guider mentioned that there was no match to the highway safety grant. With little discussion or details, Commissioner Harold Duff made the motion, which was 2nd by Don Miller, the motion was unanimously approved.


$5,000 Manhunt Cost for Fugitive


The Sheriff asked to replenish his overtime budget with funds from the drug funds #122. Sheriff Guider explained that hunting down fugitive Ellis proved to be costly and he estimated the overtime for his deputies to be at about $5,000. This wasn’t for drugs; it was for kidnapping asked Commissioner Don Miller. There were other questions about the drug funds paying for the excessive overtime hours. The Sheriff didn’t want to ask for a handout but as Commissioner Harold Duff pointed out, he found another way as everyone laughed. At no taxpayer’s expense, said Guider.

There were about 20 to 24 officers out there hunting Christopher Alan Ellis down. This is the same fugitive that was found sleeping at a neighboring subdivision, bringing a 10-day manhunt to a close. The News Herald reported, “According to the authorities airplanes, a helicopter, boats, K-9s and ATVs were used to search for Ellis.

$15,000 – In car camera & laptop computer


Sheriff Guider informed the Budget Committee that he wanted to spend $15,000 for an in car video camera and laptop computer for the drug car. He described it as one in the same. He will take the existing camera out of that car and put in another car.


All recommendations must go to the full commission for a vote at the December 1st Commission meeting.