Chuck Jenkins in attendance at Senator Bob Corker's Town hall Meeting




The community is mourning the loss of Chuck Jenkins, Loudon County property assessor who passed away on Monday. 

I would like to remember Chuck as a friend with his gentle mannerism.

For the past six years Chuck Jenkins served as property assessor. Chuck did much to bring transparency and an open door policy to the property assessor's office.

He brought technology to the office, and shared a wealth of information with citizens.

Years ago, Chuck also served as 2nd Lenoir City District commissioner for two terms.

He served on the budget committee and numerous other committees so I had an opportunity to see and hear Chuck on numerous subjects and matters.

He was articulate, soft spoken, and very patient, and he believed in helping others. One time, I recall one of his constituent's being at wits end with a problem.

After she contacted Chuck, he quickly responded. He came to her home and spoke to her and helped to resolve her concerns and issues. That's just the kind of person

that Chuck was.

Chuck was professional, courteous, compassionate, thoughtful, polite, and a respectful person. 

He served the public and he was accessible to citizens. Chuck would take time to answer questions, and be helpful.

I will miss our talks, and his comforting smile.

My condolences to his family, and friends on their loss.

Chuck will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.


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