May 7, 2012  Monday

6:00 P.M. Courthouse Annex                              




Certificate of Special Recognition to the Loudon County High School Lady Redskins Basketball Team for Outstanding Athletic Achievement


                                                       REGULAR MEETING                                                                       

1.           Opening of Meeting, Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation

2.           Roll Call

3.           Adoption of the Agenda – May 7, 2012

4.           Reading and Acceptance of April 2, 2012 Commission Meeting Minutes.

5.           This is the time for any visitor or delegation to come forward and state the business for which he/she may wish to address concerning any item of interest on the planned agenda.

6.           Reports of County Officials, Departments and Committees:                       

            A.           Loudon County Mayor – Estelle Herron

1,           A Resolution to Accept the Proposal of the Tennessee Department of Transportation to Construct a Project Designated as Federal Project  No. NHTSA-HE-2(110), State Project No. 97053-1215-04, S.R. 2      (U.S. 11) Involving the Intersection at Muddy Creek Road/Ford Road (L.M. 16.03).

2.           A Resolution in Support of a VA Hospital in Roane County.

3.           Request Consideration and Approval of the following Board/Committee Appointments:

                                             a.            Loudon County Equalization Board                                                                                         

B.           Loudon County Purchasing Director – Leo Bradshaw

1.           Consideration of a Recommendation from the Salary and Benefits Ad-Hoc Committee to Select Blue Cross/Blue Shield as the Provider for the

Loudon County Employees’ Health Benefits Package for the 2012-2013 Term.  



C.           Loudon County Budget Director – Tracy Blair

               1.           Consideration of a Recommendation Regarding Deposits of Payments In Lieu of Taxes from Kimberly Clark Corp as

Provided in Resolution 110302-M.

               2.           Consideration of a Recommendation to Approve a Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of a Donation to the

Loudon County Sheriff’s Reserves.

               3.           Consideration of Approving a Resolution Authorizing Submission of an Application for a Litter and Trash Collecting Grant from TDOT                                                and Authorizing the Acceptance of Said Grant.

4.           Consideration of a Recommendation to Approve Amendments in the Following Funds:

                              a.            County General Fund 101

                              b.           Highway Department Fund 131

                              c.            General Purpose School Fund 141

                              d.           School Federal Projects Fund 142

                              e.            Central Cafeteria Fund 143

                              f.             Education Debt-Service Fund 156

                                                            g.            General Capital Projects Fund 171


D.          Loudon County Commissioner - David Meers

                              1.           Election of Bonds and Notaries                                                                                                                 

               7.           This is the time for any visitor or delegation to come forward and state the business for which he/she may wish to address concerning any items not on                                              the planned agenda.

               8.           Adjournment