6:00 pm, Monday, December 21, 2009

Loudon County Courthouse Annex Building


1. This is the time for audience members to speak on items on or not on the Agenda.



2. Loudon County Planning and Codes - Russ Newman

a. A Resolution to Recommend that the Loudon County Commission Request the Tennessee State Legislature to Amend TCA 5-1-115(e) Excluding Loudon County From the Limitation on Regulating Overgrown Vegetation on Owner-Occupied Lots.


3. Loudon County Commissioner - Nancy Marcus

a. Capital Projects Committee Recommendations.


4. Loudon County Roads Superintendant - Sean Giles

a. Presentation of the Loudon County Roads List for 2010 for Consideration by the Commission.


5. Loudon County Commissioner/Chairman - Roy Bledsoe

a. School Building Program.


6. Loudon County Budget Director - Tracy Blair

a. Budget Committee Recommendations.


7. Any other items.