Commissioner Austin Shaver to Furnish Details

By: Pat Hunter

March 1, 2009

He's the newest commissioner on the block and he isn't afraid to speak up for the taxpayers especially in these hard economic times.

What's the most that we can do to fund $30 Million without raising property taxes or negatively impacting the county? At the Feb. 16th commission workshop meeting, Commissioner Austin Shaver informed those in attendance that he would furnish details at the next commission meeting. 

Tellico Village (D-7) Commissioner Don Miller has been talking about a large property tax increase for the last year or so. In contrast, Commissioner Shaver is not speaking about a tax increase.

In 2005, Loudon County Commission exceeded the certified tax rate by 32 cents per $100 of assessed value. Commissioner Don Miller was quoted in the News Herald as saying that a 21 percent tax increase “sounds excessive at first glance,” but noted the county “needed to look at it in perspective.” Due to the windfall of taxpayer monies, the Fund Balance has grown while Commission's spending spree continued. This year the Fund Balance is estimated between $5 Million - $7 Million. Don't forget that this is a re-appraisal year and expect your letter in the mail about April 17th.

Commissioner Shaver is listed on the March 2nd Commission Agenda.



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March 02, 2009

6:00 pm

Courthouse Annex REGULAR MEETING

D. Loudon County Commissioner – Austin Shaver

1. Information on complied figures related to the Schools Building Plan.

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