Loudon County Commission Workshop

Monday, February 22, 2010

Loudon County Office Building

6:00 pm

1. This is the time for audience members to speak on items on or not on the



2. Loudon County IT Support Director - Steve Fritts

a. Demonstration of the Commission On-line Forum


3. Loudon County Plans and Codes - Russ Newman

a. A Resolution to Recommend that the Loudon County Commission Request the Tennessee State Legislature to Amend TCA 5-1-115(e) Excluding Loudon County from the Limitation on Regulating Overgrown Vegetation on Owner-Occupied Lots.


4. Loudon County Mayor - Doyle Arp

a. E-911 Board Appointments

b. Solid Waste Disposal Commission Appointments

c. Resolution Opposing Unfunded Local Government Mandates and Additions to Local Government Maintenance of Effort Requirements.


5. Loudon County Visitor's Bureau - Mary Bryant

a. Funding Request


6. Loudon County Commissioner - David Meers

a. A Recommendation to Support the Elected Director of Schools in Tennessee


7. Loudon County Purchasing Director - Leo Bradshaw

a. Lease to Quarterback Club


8. Loudon County Commissioner - Robert Franke

a. Phase One School Building Program - Timeline/Financials


9. Loudon County Budget Director - Tracy Blair

a. Budget Committee Recommendations


10. Any other items.