Monday, March 15, 2010

Loudon County Office Building

6:00 pm


1. This is the time for audience members to speak on items on or not on the Agenda.


2. Loudon County IT Support Director - Steve Fritts

a. Demonstration of the Commission On-Line Forum


3. Loudon County Plans and Codes Director - Russ Newman

a. A Resolution Amending the Zoning Map of Loudon County, Tennessee, Pursuant to Chapter Seven, 13-7-105 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, to Rezone Approximately 3 Acres of Property Located on Highway 72 South at the Southeast Intersection of Littleton Drive and Highway 72 South, Situated in the 1st Legislative District, Referenced by Tax Map 41, Part of Parcel 130.00, From R-1 Suburban Residential District to C-2, General Commercial District.


4. Loudon County Mayor - Doyle Arp

a. Equalization Board Appointments

b. Loudon County Hospital Advisory Board Appointments

c. Ethics Policy, Complaint Procedure and Ethics Committee, Section 6.7


5. Loudon County Economic Development Agency President - Pat Phillips

a. Request Discussion of a Recommendation by the Loudon County Economic Development Agency Regarding a Payment in-Lieu of Tax for DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio-Products Phase 1 Expansion.


6. Loudon County Commissioner - Wayne Gardin

a. Request Commission Approval for a Public Vote for a $25. Wheel Tax to be Used to Retire the Debt on the School Building Program.

b. Residents of Oakwood Estates to Address the Commission Regarding Flooding at the Oakwood Estates Entrance.


7. Loudon County Commissioner - Bob Franke

a. Questions About Issuance of Bonds for the School Building Program


8. Loudon County Commissioner - Harold Duff

a. Legislative Update


9. Loudon County Budget Director - Tracy Blair

a. Budget Committee Recommendations


10. Any other items.