Property Assessor on Commission Workshop Agenda

By: Pat Hunter

April 19, 2009

Chuck Jenkins, Loudon County assessor of properties is scheduled to speak to commissioners and the public at Monday's, April 20 commission workshop meeting. Property owners will receive letters in the mail within the next few days informing them of changes to their property re-appraisals. Loudon County Commissioners will meet for their monthly workshop meeting and the agenda is listed below. The meeting begins at 6:00 P.M. at the Loudon County Office Building on River Rd. Please come early due to limited seating capacity in the new conference room.

Loudon County Commission Workshop

Monday, April 20, 2009

Loudon County Office Building


1. This is the time for audience members to speak on items on/not on the agenda.


2. Loudon County Planning – Russ Newman


a. A Resolution to Amend the Loudon County Zoning Resolution creating Section 4.200 Fireworks Storage and Manufacture and, Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 13-7-105.


b. A Resolution Amending the Zoning Map of Loudon County, Tennessee, Pursuant to Chapter Seven, §13-7-105 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, to Rezone Approximately 1.56 Acres of Property Located at 850 Hwy 70 E, situated in the 5th Legislative District, Referenced by Tax Map 10-J, Group A, Parcel 13.00, from R-1, Suburban Residential District, to C2, General Commercial District.


3. Loudon County Mayor – Doyle Arp


a. A Resolution Honoring Dr. Ric Best


b. Rescinding Resolution #100608-L Interlocal Governmental Agreement Loudon County, City of Lenoir.


c. Resolution proclaiming May 16-22 as "Boat Smart, Boat Safe, Wear It" National Safe Boating Week.


d. Discussion of the future of the Loudon County Planning Office.


e. Discussion of the staffing of the Building Commissioner’s Office.


f. Unapproved Compression Brakes Prohibited Signage.


4. Loudon County Commissioner – David Meers


a. A Letter of Recognition for Bruce Lawson.


5. Loudon County Assessor of Property – Chuck Jenkins


a. 2009 Reappraisal results and 2013 Reappraisal Plan.


6. Loudon County Commissioner – Nancy Marcus


a. Capital Projects Committee Report.


7. Loudon County Budget Director - Tracy Blair


a. Budget Committee Recommendations


8. Any Other Items