Monday, July 23, 2012  

County Office Building

6:00 pm


1.          This is the time for audience members to speak on items on or not on the Agenda.      


 CLICK TO SEE  INFORMATIONAL PACKET (PDF)                                                                                                                                                                             

2.          Mr. Cormac O’Duffy

              A.          Discussion of Loudon County Ambulance Service.        


3.          Loudon County Education Department Director,  Jason Vance

              A.          Discussion of SRO’s (School Resource Officers)    


4.          Loudon County Planning and Codes Director, Russ Newman

A.          A Resolution Amending the Zoning Map of Loudon County, Tennessee, Pursuant to Chapter Seven, §13-7-105 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, To Rezone Approximately 3.37 Acres from R-1 (Suburban-Residential) to C-1 (Rural Center District).  Referenced By:  Tax Map 16, Parcel 214.03, Located on Beals Chapel Road at the Northwest Intersection of Martel Road.  

 B.         Discussion of Options for Charging a Re-Inspection Fee for the County Building Permit Inspection Program.

C.           Discussion of State Requirements for Amendments to the Loudon County Stormwater Resolution.


5.          Loudon County Purchasing Director, Leo Bradshaw


              A.    Consideration of Approving a Multi-Year Contract for Highway Department Uniform                                        Service.


6.          Loudon County Commissioner, Roy Bledsoe    


              A.          Discussion of the School Debt Fund.


7.          Loudon County Mayor, Estelle Herron                                              

              A.          Resolutions for Appointments to the Following Boards/Committees:

1.    Adult Oriented Business Board

2.    Airport Authority  

3.    Audit Committee     

4.    Beer Board      

5.    Blair Bend Industrial Committee

                           6.    Budget Committee   

                           7.    Capital Projects Committee     

                           8.    Economic Development Agency Board of Directors   

                           9.    Financial Advisory Committee  

                        10.    Governmental Affairs Committee   

                        11.    Jail Study AD-Hoc Committee 

                        12.    Loudon County Library Board 

                        13.    Litter Control Committee 

                        14.    Maintenance Committee 

                        15.    Purchasing Committee  

                        16.    Regional Library Board  

                        17.     Safety Committee    

                        18.     Salary & Benefits AD-Hoc Committee 

                        19.      Senior Citizen’s Executive Committee    

                        20.      Sheriff’s Merit Services Board  

                        21.        TRDA Board of Directors (Loudon County)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

8.          Loudon County Commissioner, David Meers                                                              

A.          Notary Applications 


9.        Loudon County Budget Director, Tracy Blair

            A.            Budget Committee Recommendations


10,     Any Other items


11.        Adjournment