New School Director wants One More Year


 By: Pat Hunter

July 8, 2009


At the time of School Director Wayne Honeycutt's evaluation, he barely had 10 months of employment under his belt but now he is requesting for an extension to his contract.

At the request of Director Honeycutt, the Loudon County Board of Education will take up the matter of adding another year to his 3-year contract. The School Board will decide whether he will get one more year added to his contract at Thursday's July  9th, 7:00 PM School Board meeting at the Annex in Loudon.

First on Thursday's July 2nd school board workshop meeting agenda was the School Director's Contract. The new version of the law says that it should be in a conspicuous place on the agenda according to Director Honeycutt.

He asked that the School Board add a year back to the contract and keep it as a 3-year contract, which he said was standard in the industry. Director Honeycutt also commented that he was pleased with his contract. He asked Committee Chair Ubben to speak but he was not prepared to speak on the matter because he did not have his material with him. but school board members had their evaluation summary to look at.

Chairman Leroy Tate asked board members to review the information and to be prepared to vote on this matter at the next school board meeting.

School Board member Lisa Russell asked for further explanation. Director Honeycutt commented that he had just finished the first year and that he wanted to add that year back to make it 3-year contract.

Board Chairman Leroy Tate suggested that the Director Evaluation Committee meet to make a recommendation to the full Board.

School Board member Scott Newman asked that the Evaluation Committee meet in public. However, Committee member Professor Gary Ubben wanted to discuss setting a time and date for the Committee meeting after the workshop ended. School Board member Scott Newman asked, you're going to meet to set a time and Professor Ubben replied, yes, we will meet to set a time for the meeting.

It appears that the Evaluation Committee member Ubben still hasn't figured out that discussions of school board business should be conducted in public and in compliance of the Open Meetings law and with few exceptions except those provided by law, director evaluations and other records are open to the public for inspection and copies.