North Carolina wins TVA Lawsuit



TVA must clean up Smokestacks

By: Pat Hunter

January 14, 2009


On January 13th a federal judge sided with North Carolina and the Tennessee Valley Authority must install pollution controls to reduce harmful emissions from the Bull Run, Kingston, John Sevier and Widows Creek coal-fired power plants.


In 2006 North Caroline Attorney General Ray Cooper filed a federal lawsuit against the Tennessee Valley Authority seeking a significant decrease in pollution from its plants. The lawsuit claimed that pollution from TVA plants threatened public health, damaged natural resources and environment and the economy of North Carolina residents. Cooper asked the court to require TVA to reduce pollution from its coal fired plants.  The reduction in harmful emissions will also improve air quality for Tennesseans.


Attorney General Roy Cooper released a statement on his website, Im pleased that the court ordered the TVA to clean up the air pollution coming from its plants closest to North Carolina. This will help our air, our health, and our travel and tourism economy.


To read details about the lawsuit, Court Judgment and installation timetable of scrubbers to TVA plants click below:


Press Release, Judgment and Memorandum of Opinion (59 page pdf).


2006 Cooper Complaint (lawsuit)