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Tax Break for Industry  X  

By: Pat Hunter

November 2, 2008


Every nickel and dime will be needed for schools given the gloomy economy and state revenue shortfalls.

Yet, County Commission will consider doling out corporate welfare for an unidentified industry. At Monday’s November 3rd Commission meeting, Commissioners will consider giving a tax break to Industry X.


The Loudon County Economic Development (EDA) has not named Industry X seeking a tax break. But several years ago, the EDA played a similar game of not wanting to name the industry that proposed a large expansion. The EDA dubbed it the “PHOENIX PROJECT” while keeping the industry’s name secret from the public. It was a similar deal just like now; the EDA didn’t want to identify the industry because there was a competition for the project at another site in a different area or state. The EDA struck a deal, $422,234 yearly tax break for 5-years for this industry. The plant was none other than Kimberly Clark (KC) and they received about a 20% break, according to the local newspaper.


Why don’t you do a search on the world-wide-web and you will quickly find many stories about tax breaks for corporate giant Kimberly Clark.


Please don’t forget that Commissioners did not give Dr. Bob Overholt a TIF (tax break).


And remember that commissioners just spoke recently, why they do not want to participate in a Tax Freeze Program to give senior citizens a break on their property taxes because of potential tax revenue loss to schools. Commissioners should likewise not vote to give a tax break to Business X.



Pictured: EDA Director Pat Phillips and EDA Chairman Doyle Arp, Loudon County Mayor


EDA Director Pat Phillip's is scheduled to speak to commission regarding the tax break request. It's on the November 3rd, 2008 Commission Agenda item D. Loudon County Economic Development – Pat Phillips


1. Consideration of a Payment in Lieu of a Tax Program Expansion for a Local Industrial.