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Courage to Stand-up for What’s Right, even when unpopular!


Mom Speaks Out

By: Pat Hunter

November 17, 2008



At Thursday’s (Nov. 13th) School Board meeting, Highland School Principal David Meers spoke about tradition, Purple Hearts and Sgt. Mitchell Stout, a fallen soldier. Meers is also a county commissioner for District D-1 Loudon. Meers shared information that Mitchell Stout attended school at Highland Park. Highland Park School would like to start a tradition of remembering his memory every year with his family. The theme selected for this year was Courage. He read a poem from a 4th grade girl about “Courage.” From the eyes of a child looking at the world, the young poet wrote, “There are many ways to be courageous. Some men and women show their courage by fighting for their country. Acts of courage are done daily sometimes it can be just for standing for what is right even when it’s unpopular.”


The student’s words of expression were especially timely as an everyday mom with allot of determination and courage to speak out. A young mom, Sarah Dailey went to the podium. Ms. Dailey manages a blog about Loudon County School issues.


Ms. Dailey spoke about maintenance issues at her children’s school, Loudon Elementary School. The same school with all the trailers, leaky roofs and HVAC problems. Some repairs have been made but the roofs still leak and the trailers are still there.



Ms. Daily spoke about the re-roof bids that were cancelled after concerns of winter weather and high humidity. The new bids are supposed to go out in Mid March 2009 and she was concerned about delays. She spoke about the roofing material and warranty's. According to TVA data, rain will be at its highest in March. The delays would also affect the HVAC installations at her school. She stood before the Board and asked for HVACs and a roof that didn’t leak and masonry so children could be educated, basic needs for   students. 


As she spoke, School Director Wayne Honeycutt and Chairman Tate seemed uncomfortable about her comments. Surprisingly enough, her own school board members Bill Marcus and Scott Newman, didn’t say a word about her concerns. The only mom on the school board, Greenback Board member Lisa Russell, who had HVAC issues at her own school before being elected to office, did not speak out or come to her aid.  


Board member Van Shaver mentioned that he was unaware of some of Ms. Dailey’s concerns and he asked when this matter would be discussed. Chairman Leroy Tate said that he didn’t know if it would be discussed unless it was to be discussed under the School Building Plan Program. Tate mentioned that he didn’t want to interrupt Dailey because he wanted to be “nice.” It seems that Chairman Tate didn’t bother to read the Facilities Maintenance Coordinator Monthly Report for October 2008 (BELOW) because the Reroof Bids cancellation was listed under item 3. Ms. Dailey was well within her right to speak on a matter that was on the agenda.   




          Children's Needs and their Ceiling   VS.  Mayor Doyle Arp's Needs and his New Ceiling


Several months back, I visited Loudon Elementary Open House where I personally saw water stained ceiling tiles and missing ceiling tiles from a leaky roof. I also witnessed HVAC problems including moisture and mold issues. For adults and children with breathing problems, this environment causes havoc to health.


Commission and School Board voted to spend public funds to fix leaky roofs and HVAC problems but this school was not on the priority list; why not, given all the problems at this school? The buck stops with the School Board to do their jobs and address these issues and problems!    



Trailers at Loudon Elementary School