Committee approves Roof Replacement

for Old Courthouse - $50,000



Committee moves quickly to repair leaks


By: Pat Hunter


December 31, 2008


At the Dec. 15th Capital Projects Committee meeting, the public learned more about the status of several active capital projects. One big ticket item on the agenda was the old Courthouse roof and replacement.


According to Purchasing-Maintenance Director Leo Bradshaw, for the last two years, Design Tech has done some patching on the old Courthouse roof. But with recent rains, leaks caused damage to walls and a ceiling collapsed in the auxiliary room of the circuit court clerk’s office. The roof is so thin that it can’t be sanded down so the roof will need to be replaced. He didn’t have a quote but he thought the cost would be over $25,000 and that requires an engineer to draw up plans.  


Bradshaw mentioned, we didn’t have a budget and budget line for that but Bradshaw had some items that could be re-arranged. He then described several items including a modified canopy for the County Clerk’s office (Riley Wampler) drive through window. He thought the canopy could be done for less then $5,000 instead of $20,000, which he originally over estimated.


Bradshaw commented how the County spent about $4,000 on the trustee sale and Bradshaw mentioned that he had estimated $10,000 for that item. You guys are really accurate with your estimates thought Commissioner Bob Franke while Commissioner Nancy Marcus added, that’s called “padding,” which was followed by laughter.  


Bradshaw continued with his list of moving monies around from other projects to pay for the old Courthouse roof. On the sewage tank replacement at the Justice Center that could be patched up. That was estimated at $20,000, which could wait another year. Since there were no additional problems with the HVAC units at the Courthouse, that too could wait another year.


The old Historic Courthouse roof cost is estimated at $50,000 for a new green metal raised seam roof and the removal of the old roof, Bradshaw explained. 


Commissioner Franke asked can the roof repair wait? Currently, a rubber mat is covering that side with glue and bricks on it. Design Tech came in and we have a rubber mat over that side of the building, Bradshaw said. Will a brick fly off and hit someone on the head, asked Commissioner Roy Bledsoe; it’s pretty safe for right now replied Bradshaw. Leo Bradshaw then explained about the various repairs to plaster and sheetrock. The gutters would remain the same to maintain the integrity and look of the Courthouse.  


Since monies were budgeted for Capital Projects, Commissioners would not be required to vote in order to move monies from other projects for the old Courthouse roof project. However, Bradshaw suggested that the Committee advice Commissioners when roof repairs are to be done. We are recommending that this money be reallocated commented Commissioner Nancy Marcus to the others.


First, an engineer will have to draw plans and then the roof job will be placed out to bid. Commissioner Wayne Gardin made a motion to hire an engineer to move forward with the roof replacement plans, which was seconded by Commissioner Nancy Marcus. All Committee members Marcus, Bledsoe, Franke and Gardin, unanimously approved the motion.