Loudon County Friends of Animals


A new group has started in Loudon County to help save the animals at the Loudon County animal shelter. 

They are called the “Loudon County Friends of Animals”.  

Their mission is “The animal shelters in Loudon County, TN do not have the resources, either financial,

space or manpower, to house all surrendered or found animals on an indefinite basis. Therefore, the clock

 starts ticking for these animals at the moment that they are deemed ready for adoption.

Our primary mission is to work to insure that as many animals as possible are rescued through either direct adoption,

or fostering before the clock stops ticking and their time is up. In the meantime, we also support spay/neuter and TNR

of feral cat colonies to reduce the number of animals born who might eventually find their way into the shelter system.”

We need Foster homes and if anyone is interested, please contact LoudonCountyFOA@yahoo.com.

Please see us on Facebook and check “Like” so you will see all the shelter dogs and cats posted daily.