Highway Superintendent Steps Out of Office



Budget Commissioner Nancy Marcus speaks about hiring a civil engineer.


Budget Committee Cuts $10K Pay Supplement


By: Pat Hunter

July 28, 2008


First on the Agenda for the July 28th Budget Committee meeting were revisions in the Highway Department Fund however that matter was passed to the end of the meeting because Road Superintendent Sean Giles was not present when the meeting began.


Budget Chairman Doyle Arp informed everyone present that Commissioner Nancy Marcus had contacted his office that day to add item #2 to the Agenda, “Consideration of contracting with a civil engineer to monitor the construction of new roads and recommend acceptance of new roads in the county public road system.”


Commissioner Marcus referenced the last Budget meeting and as she began to speak, Budget Chairman Arp quickly interjected and asked, “Don’t you want to wait until Sean gets here.” Whatever you say she replied. No, if you think that would be better, Marcus asked. Arp pointed toward the Budget Committee – this is you all. Don Miller agreed with Marcus “whatever works, is ok with me.”  


Budget Chairman Mayor Doyle Arp has had a steadfast rule that he would only discuss budget issues in the presence of a department head but it seems like he broke his own rule!


Commissioner Marcus spoke about hiring another person and paying that person $25 per hour and mileage instead of paying Giles a $10,000 pay supplement for work that he may or may not do. Several weeks earlier the same Budget Committee had approved paying Sean Giles a $10,000 pay supplement in addition to Giles base pay, which is set by the state at $70,350.00.


Marcus mentioned that after the last Budget Committee meeting she contacted Planner Russ Newman’s office. There is a certified civil engineer that lives in the county and she was willing to inspect the roads for $25 per hour plus mileage and she thought that would save the County money to do that. It would be worth a try for a 1-year period and that it would give more credibility to have a civil engineer than the Road Supervisor.      


But there would be a Domino effect, according to Marcus, which would mean that the Budget Committee would not recommend paying Giles $10,000 to do work, which he may or may not do and the engineer would only get paid for the actual time spent. Mayor Arp’s salary would be based on the Sheriff’s salary and then county commissioner’s salary would be less based on the Mayor’s new salary. Commissioner Marcus moved to see about hiring the lady civil engineer and getting a contract to see if she would do it for one year.


Budget Commissioner Don Miller said that the break even amount would be $400 and he asked about the amount of work that would be performed. Marcus thought that Planner Newman had not brought many roads for acceptance before the county commission. Budget Chairman Arp mentioned how it didn’t affect any of the developments because the roads were privately maintained but it would effect roads that are turned over to the county. Marcus couldn’t recall any new roads. Sean Giles was being paid the supplement whether he examined the roads or not so.  Marcus then made a motion that the Budget Committee does just that. Bob Franke seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved.


Chris Park was not present. Budget Committee members present for Monday’s meeting were County Mayor, Budget Chairman Doyle Arp, Commissioners Don Miller, Bob Franke, and Nancy Marcus.