Cut and Dry



Shannon Littleton, city attorney (l), Matt Brookshire, mayor, (m) Mike Henline, city council (r)

By: Pat Hunter



One glance at Councilís agenda seemed pretty low key, three items on the agenda and just some reports by department heads and basic administrative matters. But with Mayor Matt Brookshire and Lenoir City Council, donít be surprised by the unexpected. Mayor Matt requested adding two items, item 4 and 5 to the July 14th Lenoir City meeting agenda. His request was quickly approved with a motion and second.


Mayor Brookshire said that the items had been discussed at an earlier workshop. A July 10th notice in the Daily Edition stated that the purpose of the workshop would be to discuss/consider the recently appraisals regarding the acquisition of properties for the new downtown facilities.


Administrative reports were given by the Codes Enforcement officer about the number of permits and pending action on codes violation. A sanitation report followed with waste and recycling collected and tipping fees information. Council quickly approved allowing going out to bid on urgently needed mowing decks. Council also approved allowing the Police Chief to go out to bid on the purchase of two new police cars from the state bid list; cost about $22,164 per vehicle. Council also approved allowing the Fire Department to hire additional part time personnel.


And with routine matters out of the way, Mayor Brookshire moved on to item four (4). Consideration of City to allow the City Recorder Pro Tempore (Maggie Hunt) to draw down $750,000 from the Tennessee Municipal League (TML) line of credit; this money is to close on the options of properties for the new municipal facilities properties project. According to Mayor Brookshire, these are the properties that are already an option; a contract has been entered into by the City and those property owners. This money would go to toward the closing. The motion was unanimously approved by City Council.  VIDEO 1


Councilman Bobby Johnson., Sr., asked how long it would take to get that money. Mayor Brookshire said that if the money is requested by July 25th, it would be available by August 1st. Councilman Bobby Johnson Sr. is the father of Loudon County Board of Education, Chairman Bobby Johnson, Jr., who is now running for the position of Lenoir City Treasurer-Recorder.



Mayor Brookshire spoke about agenda item five (5). Consideration of City Council authorizing the acquisition team of Dale Hurst (City Administrator) and Don White (Police Chief), authorizing them to negotiate in administrative settlement for those properties still needed for the new municipal facilities. The motion was unanimously approved.  VIDEO 2


With no public discussion and no details or handouts regarding Council and Mayor Brookshire's  earlier workshop meeting, the public was left out of the process of being informed about how government is proceeding. The actions taken by Mayor Matt Brookshire and Lenoir City Council seemed pretty cut and dry.