Newly installed Awnings - Canopies

Loudon Elementary School (LES)



New awnings - canopies installed at Loudon Elementary School.

By: Pat Hunter

July 25, 2008

Loudon School Elementary has a large campus of trailers, five trailers or ten classrooms. Children will attend school in the double-wide trailers, commonly referred to by the School Board as the "cottages" at Loudon Elementary School. The trailers do not have bathrooms, running water or sprinkler systems. Students must travel back and forth from the "cottages" to the main school building to use restrooms. The new awnings will help keep the children dry during wet and cold weather and give them some relief from the summer heat. Due to the efforts of proactive parents working with the School Board, this school project was made possible.

PTO President Wendy Baustian


Wendy Baustian, PTO President looks at new awnings -canopies for Loudon Elementary School.

 Wendy Baustian, PTO President of Loudon Elementary School shares her thoughts about the newly installed awnings - canopies and how students will benefit. Besides serving as PTO President, Ms. Baustian is an active school volunteer, a concerned parent and a candidate for the Loudon Seat A School Board. She resides with her husband and daughter in the Matlock Bend community.

"While I am grateful that our children will have respite from the elements, we must remember that these awnings are still part of the larger problem and that is, our failure to proceed with a Capital Building Program."-Wendy Baustian, PTO President, LES.

Wendy Baustian, Candidate Loudon Seat A School Board.