Video Clip  Mayor Toots Horn and Blows It!  

Finance Director Tracy Blair (l)      Mayor Doyle Arp (R)


How not to win friends and influence People!

By: Pat Hunter

In the business world, professionals like to take guidance from other experts such as Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie wrote a book and has successfully conducted seminars about how your attitude effects others through effective communications. It appears that our county mayor isn't familiar with some of Dale Carnegie's technique on how to influence others to your way of thinking without leaving people feeling like they were manipulated.

Listed on the Jan. 4, 2010 Commission agenda was Chairman Roy Bledsoe�s proposed recommendation to the school board that they proceed with two projects in the school building program, the new Ft. Loudoun Middle School and Philadelphia School cafeteria. Bledsoe's recommendation failed once the votes were counted.

Greenback parents, grandparents and concerned citizens showed up in force to support a new Greenback School. Citizens spoke about the need for a new Greenback School and they shared concerns for student�s safety concerning the numerous gas leaks at Greenback School.

Previously, at the Dec. 21, 2009 Capital Projects Committee meeting, Commissioner Bledsoe presented his recommendation, that the school board proceed with two school projects, a new Middle School in Loudon and a cafeteria renovation project for the Philadelphia School, while leaving out a new school for Greenback.

Capital Projects Committee members Nancy Marcus, Earlena Maples, Wayne Gardin and Roy Bledsoe unanimously approved Bledsoe�s recommendation. The Capital Projects Committee recommendation was then unanimously approved by the Budget Committee Chris Park, Mayor Doyle Arp and Harold Duff. Budget Commissioner Chris Park made the motion and Budget Chair Mayor Arp, seconded the motion.  

At the end of Monday�s Jan. 4th Commission meeting, Mayor Arp made some comments directed at Greenback residents, which seemed to go over like a lead balloon!  

There were some accusations made tonight, he began by saying and he was about to set the record straight. Mayor Arp mentioned that he was for the kids of Loudon County and he was a life-long resident. When the gas problems started in Greenback, the Mayor said that he offered a reward and the leaks seemed to stop. There have been some accusations of some �backdrafts� the Mayor commented.  What exactly did the Mayor mean by "some back drafts"?  So far, Greenback School has had nine documented gas leaks or more.

The Mayor also brought up the new bleachers in the gymnasium. Arp asked if they enjoyed sitting in the bleachers in the gymnasium. He asked that Mr. Franke tell everyone how that had happened. The Mayor credited himself for catching a mistake when the bleachers were left off a list. When asked to respond, Commissioner Bob Franke replied something about, he did not recall.  When audience members grumbled and expressed disapproval over the Mayor�s comments, he replied, �Its election time everybody, thank you.� Many audience members gave credit to Lisa Russell for the new bleachers in the Greenback School gym.

Sometime it just doesn't pay off to toot one's horn and to be braggadocios and self-aggrandizing; does it?