Democratic Organization Meeting

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A Club or Democratic Party?

By: Pat Hunter

Two years ago, Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Gray Sasser spoke to party leaders and he asked, do you want to be a club or a party? Democrats lost control of the Tennessee House and Senate and with only two seats on county commission, much work must be done. Its time to decide what direction to go in - do we want to be a viable Democratic Party that offers leadership and provides voters good choices?  This will take time, unity, goals and a good plan.   

Every 2-years, the Loudon County Democrats meet to elect officers and the Executive Committee members at the Reorganization meeting. This year's race promises to be an exciting race.

Seeking to be Loudon County Democratic Chair is Pat Hunter, County Commissioner Wayne Gardin and Dixie Damm. 

Many from the Tellico Village district are seeking various offices. Some are running as individuals while others have chosen to run as a coalition.

If you wish to participate and serve as an officer, nominations may be made from the floor. Bring your friends and supporters and participate, this is a Democratic process. If you wish to serve on the Executive Committee, you may run for your respective district. 

You must be a registered voter so please bring your voter registration card, if possible. Please come early and register.  Registration is free and there are no membership dues.


Loudon County Democratic Reorganization Meeting

Date: Saturday, March 28

Place: Loudon County Annex, 101 Mulberry St., Loudon, TN

Registration: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Doors close at 12:00 Noon - Election of officers


Election Chatter

Candidates for Office

Wayne Gardin, Pat Hunter, Dixie Damm seek Chair


Candidate for Chair - Pat Hunter - citizen activist D- 5

The Hunter Report


Candidate for Chair - Wayne Gardin - Commissioner D-6



Candidate for Chair - Dixie Damm - D-3  

Ms. Damm list of favorites:

1st Vice Chairman - David Holladay - D-7 Tellico Village
2nd Vice Chairman - A.
Will Schmidt  - D- 7 Tellico Village
Secretary - Arnette Hintz  - D-7 Tellico Village
Treasurer - Don Scott - D-7 Tellico Village
Sargeant-at-Arms -
J. C. Ingram - D-2 Lenoir City