Four Candidates vie for School Director

2011 TSBA Legislative Agenda


March 4, 2011

"The Loudon County Director of Schools Candidate List Update", and 2011 TSBA Legislative Agenda was distributed to the Loudon County Board of education prior to the start of Thursday's March 3rd school board workshop meeting. Interestingly, the information was not distributed to the public or press.

Prior to the meeting being called to order, I made a request to view the records, and reluctantly, I was handed the information by the secretary. When I requested a copy for the News Herald reporter who sat next to me, as per the reporter's request, the secretary refused to give the second set of information (Candidate's List and TSBA 2011 Legislative), only saying that they did not want the names of candidates published in the newspaper. There was no mention of the candidates list or an update of the director's search at the workshop meeting. Why the big secret; all candidate names will eventually be released?

Day on the Hill -  

Director Wayne Honeycutt spoke about the Day on the Hill, which was held on February 24th.  He and four school members (Rick Best, Bill Marcus, Gary Ubben, and Leroy Tate) accompanied him to Nashville. The five-some met and spoke to Senator McNally, Rep. Jimmy Matlock and Rep. Hurley. According to the TSBA website, "Each February, TSBA sponsors a legislative breakfast in Nashville bringing school board members, superintendents and state legislators together for a discussion about pending legislation and public education." Although, Director Honeycutt did not discuss the fine details  of this year's TSBA's 2011 Legislative Agenda, as you can see below, the TSBA and school boards across the state have been busy little bees lobbying for laws including taxing authority for school boards, changing school tenure,  etc.  SEE BELOW - TSBA 2011 LEGISLATIVE.


TSBA School Director's Search

Candidates List:

For the week of Feb. 21-25:

1 - in-state


For the week of Feb. 28 - March 4

2 - out-of-state

1 - in state

0 - local administrators. 


NOTE: The Loudon County Board of Education pays yearly membership dues to TSBA. 

School board delegates meet yearly in Nashville to vote on various resolutions.

TSBA, school board members and school board administrators meet with lawmakers to push their legislative agenda,

in hopes that new laws are enacted.  TSBA Website




Tennessee School Board Association

2011 Legislative Agenda


TSBA firmly believes in the success of Tennessee's  public schools and the opportunities they have provided
and continue to provide to children. The association acknowledges the challenges that public schools face
as well as the need for continued improvement, and its member hoards of education are dedicated to
reaching the goal of every child achieving his or her highest potential. We believe we can help accomplish
this goal by focusing our legislative efforts on the following areas:

Basic Education Program/State Funding

TSBA believes the General Assembly should continue to emphasize education and its sustained funding

as the top budget priority while making every effort to recognize increased costs due to' inflation and growth.                                                           

At-Will Employment for Support Staff                                                    

TSBA supports legislation to recognize the support staff of school systems as at-will employees
in order to provide superintendents the actual ability to manage productive, efficient, and safe

Teacher Tenure

TSBA supports legislation to change the support of statutory provisions regarding tenure to require school
boards to review a teacher's performance and evaluations every five years whereby tenure may be
renewed or revoked.

Fiscal Independence

TSBA supports legislation to provide fiscal autonomy to boards of education.

Federal and Private Grants

TSBA supports legislation clarifying that any federal or private grants that a school system
receives are not within the scope of negotiations for systems involved in collective bargaining.

Absence for Military Service

TSBA supports legislation clarifying that there is no vacancy in office when a local school hoard
member is serving his/her country.

Appointed Directors of Schools

TSBA supports the appointment of the director of schools by the board of education and opposes
any measure to revert to the process of electing superintendents.

The Tennessee School Boards Association will actively support legislation relative to these and other issues,
as determined by our 2011 Resolutions and Position Statements.