Candidates seek District 5

Commission Seat A & Seat B

District 5 is the largest voting district, county-wide. District 5 has two commission seats, Seat A and Seat B. The winners of the May 4th Republican Primary election for District 5 Seat A and Seat B will face off with the Independent candidates in the August 5 Loudon County General Election and State Primary Election.  Here's the run down of all candidates running in the 5th District Seat A and Seat B elections.

May 4th Republican Primary

Candidates District 5 Seat A


Teresa Karimian Candidate Meet and Greet, Lenoir City High School


Teresa Karimian - School volunteer, substitute teacher. Karimian's background is business and sales. Karimiam seeks District 5 Seat A. 

Harold Duff - 16 year Incumbent. Currently employed with the Loudon County Juvenile department. Commissioner Harold Duff is a member of the Loudon County Budget Committee. He is seeking to be re-elected.

Robert Dishner - Independent candidate. Dishner's name will be on the Aug. 5 County Election ballot. Dishner will face off with the winner of the May 4 Republican Primary Race.


Candidates District 5 Seat B


Pat Hunter for County Commission 5th District Seat B - August 5 County General Election.


Bart Howell - insurance agent -Republican Candidate (no picture).

Pat Hunter - Independent candidate; 29 year Loudon County resident, and community activist. Pat Hunter's name will appear on the August 5 County General Election ballot. She will face off with the winner of the May 4 Republican Primary Race.


Ken Shockley - Republican Candidate. According to the FY 10-11 Sheriff budget, he is employed as a part-time employee for the Loudon County Sheriff department.

Sharon Yarbrough - Republican Candidate. School administrator. Her spouse Gary Ubben serves as Vice Chairman of the Loudon County Board of Education member. Gary Ubben unseated Freddie Gene Walker as District 5 Seat A.  


Duties of County Commissioners

  • Consider and adopt the county budget. Commission appropriates tax dollars for county and school board budgets. 

  • Vote to set the county property tax rate.

  • Approve the issuance of bonds or other indebtedness to finance county and school board capital improvements projects.

  • Establish special districts and provide for assessments and tax levies on real and personal property or privileges for the purpose of providing services not generally available to citizens countywide.

  • Consider and approve rezoning requests, zoning regulations and building and code enforcement regulations prepared by the  Loudon County Planning and Codes Department.

  • Adopt resolutions governing the operation of government or to regulate the conduct and affairs of the residents of Loudon County.

  • Approve subdivision roads that are built to standard, the sale of county property, and condemnation of property for public welfare.

  • Fill vacancies.

  • Consider and approve on appointments (county attorney and appointees to various committees) recommended by the county mayor.