Last Year's Budget Workshop Meeting


Citizens attend last year's commission's budget workshop meeting on May 30, 2007, Annex Meeting Room.

Dog and Pony Show; not hardly!

It's called Democracy, Commissioner Marcus

By: Pat Hunter


At the April 2008 Loudon County Budget Committee meeting, budget members discussed plans to share information about the proposed FY 2008-2009 Budget to the full commission. Budget Chairman Mayor Doyle Arp spoke about last year's budget workshop meeting.


Commissioner Don Miller suggested that this year's proposed budget be presented to the full commission at the May 19, 2008 workshop meeting. And if commissioners didn’t finish reviewing the budget and other workshop items, another meeting would be re-scheduled, Miller said. Commissioner Nancy Marcus also said something about a Dog and Pony show.

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Last year's budget workshop meeting was held at the Annex and it drew a standing room crowd as the picture gallery shows.  A large crowd was expected this year once again, due to an article in the newspaper urging parent and school board employee involvement. Other items of importance on the May 19th meeting agenda, a 8-cent property tax hike and a proposed wheel tax and the upcoming county budget, which needs trimming.


Why would county officials plan to hold a public meeting in a small conference room given last year's attendance?   


County officials had nearly one month to find a suitable place and plan a date and time for a large budget workshop meeting.


Mr. Wahl's spoke about commissioner's actions being "unconscionable" and "wrong" and  the large group of citizens in attendance agreed with him!


A dog and pony show; not hardly! In a democracy people have a right to participate in honest and open government and to hold their elected representatives accountable at the ballot box.