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E-9-1-1 Phone Number Snafu


E-9-1-1 Director Jennifer Estes, Sheriff Tim Guider and Lenoir Chief White at a recent commission workshop meeting


E-9-1-1 Moves to new Loudon location


Change to Non-Emergency Phone numbers


By: Pat Hunter

January 12, 2009


How do you like being kept in the dark about services that may affect you? If you tried calling the non-emergency 986-9081 today, you probably had great difficulty getting through!


It appears that E-9-1-1 forgot to tell the public about phone number changes and move to the new 7,800 sq. ft., $1.5 Million facility, which is located at 500 John Parris Dr. in Loudon.


Everyone should be concerned about the lack of communication from E-9-1-1. This important matter should have been communicated with a public awareness campaign prior to the move, not just on the E-9-1-1 website!


How many non-emergency calls to the defunct phone number helped to overload the E-9-1-1 system, today?


Also, how did today's snafu affect E-911 emergency calls and responses?


If you tried calling the non-emergency number and had difficulty getting through, please send me an email and let me know how this problem affected your service.  Mailbag:


According to the E-9-1-1 website on “Monday, January 12, 2009, we will be moving into our new 9-1-1 facility in Loudon. We will no longer have the telephone number (865) 986-9081. The following is a list of our new telephone numbers.”





New Phone Numbers


Emergency - 911


Non Emergency - (865) 458-9081


Jennifer Estes, Director - (865) 458-7046


Rose White, Training Officer - (865) 458-7047


" You may have to dial 1 (865) 458-9081 in order to reach someone inside dispatch."


Please make note of the new phone numbers and pass the word to your friends and neighbors.


The public should have been informed of this important phone number change with a 30-day public notice before the move, not after-the-fact!




Revised 01-13-09