Phony as a $3 bill - Fake tree to replace Old Blue!

By: Pat Hunter

A look at the past and future

Town squares are typically charming, traditional and steeped in history, communities choosing to preserve as much of the past as possible.

Loudon's City fountain renovation project did not have to include the destruction of the Old Blue Christmas tree but the decision was made to ax Old Blue, nonetheless. There was ample room for the stately Christmas tree and the new fountain.

But in the face of criticism for cutting down Old Blue, a fake tree will be assembled in time for Christmas.

A Loudon City resident asked, "Why would you cut a tree and place it there every year? Why would you put a fake tree there every year?"

When changes do occur, they do not have to destroy the unique historic character and qualities of the past. Assembling and tearing down the new artificial tree will likely mean an employee's time and spending more taxpayer monies.


NOTE: Cost of fake 22' Christmas Tree $8,395.00 (est.)