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Freedom of Information

By: Pat Hunter

In "The Upfront Page" of the Knoxville News Sentinel blog page, editor Jack McElroy posted a column written by Frank Gibson. He introduced the "Freedom of information hero" Frank Gibson, the director of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government.

McElroy wrote, "...One of my heroes is Frank Gibson, director of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government. ..."I've included the column as an extended entry. One of Frank's many delightful examples deals with the Loudon school board trying to ban cameras from its meetings after a citizen video-recorded a board member becoming irate. If you haven't checked out the video yet, take a moment, it's pretty entertaining. "

If you have an opportunity please read Frank Gibson's column and his comments about the Loudon County Board of Education and TSBA's camera ban policy. Click to read  "The Upfront Page Freedom of information hero.

The Tennessee School Board Association continues to defend the camera ban policy, which is being promoted to school boards statewide using an outdated attorney general opinion. 

Frank Gibson shares information about the two Tennessee Attorney General Opinions while TSBA relies on an outdated AG opinion to support their weak argument.

The Loudon County Board of Education did not approve the proposed TSBA camera ban at public meetings policy aimed at the public but did remove the previous wording that banned the press from bringing cameras to school board meetings.


The video referenced by Jack McElroy

Code of Conduct Video Streaming


Loudon County school Board Chair, County Mayor, Solid Waste Appointee