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Commissioners to vote 8 cent property tax, Aug 4th 


 $50 Wheel Tax GOLDMINE 


Voters to Consider $50 Wheel Tax

By: Pat Hunter

July 29, 2008

Loudon County's proposed $50 wheel tax is already receiving special recognition. Compared to other East Tennessee counties, this will be THE highest wheel tax around beating out even Knox County with their huge appetite for spending!

According to the latest data, 2007 Motor Vehicles Registrations, Loudon County has about 54,445 vehicles. A $50 Wheel tax could generate about $2.7 Million annually.

Loudon County  * Proposed $50
Anderson 0
Blount 0
Campbell $35
Carter 0
Cocke 0
Grainger 0
Hamblen $27
Hamilton 0
Jefferson $25
Knox $36
Meigs 0
Monroe $25
Rhea 0
Roane 0
Sevier 0
Union 0

Loudon County voters will be asked to consider imposing a Wheel Tax under the veiled threat of higher property taxes!

Last year, commissioners ended the fiscal year with a healthy fund balance of over $6.3 Million. Rather than give the schools additional funding to cover their growth, commissioners instead voted to spend taxpayer funds on various projects such as pricey renovations with regal columns for the Mayor's new offices. Thunder Road, a public road for a millionaire developer that leads to an exclusive gated golfing community. A public road for an out-of-state yacht builder. The yacht builder's road will be paid for with a state grant, but it must be initially financed with over $1 Million of County taxpayer funds. 

This year, the County will end up with an estimated Fund Balance of over $5 Million. Not satisfied with a healthy fund balance, Commissioners plan to vote in an eight cent property tax increase. If approved by commissioners on August 4th, county property taxes will increase from $1.84 to $1.92. 

If you live in Lenoir or Loudon City, add that to your county property tax bill.

Over 1 1/2 year ago, Commissioners passed a Schools Adequate Facilities Tax on new residential development. According to the most recent July 15, 2008, Building Inspector's Report, Building Inspector Bill Cox reported Loudon County’s estimated Adequate Schools Facilities Tax (AFT) “liability” for this past month, which was $48,800. For the county and cities, it was $55,484. The AFT total for this past fiscal year, from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008, was $678,881 for the County; $934,000+ for the county and cities. Cox said that it couldn’t be compared to the last fiscal year because the County collected or created a “liability” for $498,000.  But last fiscal year, as far as this tax was concerned was only for 6 months, which was the first part of last calendar year so if you double that it’s almost $1Million verses a little less then $700,000 this year. Why isn't this money being used for new school construction and school renovations?

Loudon County Commissioners and the Loudon County Budget Committee have not approved a School Building Plan yet Commissioners have proposed a sales tax and now a wheel tax!.

Friday July 18th will be the first day of early voting, which will continue thru August 2. Election Day is on August 7th. Please make sure that your voice is heard at the ballot box. 

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