Greenback School Open House Draws Big Crowd




Standing Room Only


By: Pat Hunter

August 26, 2008


In a matter of one week, parents  appeared in record numbers, this time at Greenback's Open House.


Just last week, parents from another part of the county attended the Ft. Loudon Middle School event.


Failing grades at Ft. Loudon Middle School and graduation rates at Greenback School have been the topic of news and discussion.


Rainy weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm or spirit of students and parents, standing room only. On August 26th, Greenback School opened its doors for an Open House. Hospitality started off with complimentary pizza and soft drink as students, parents and visitors filed in line for the meal.


Greenback principal Joey Breedlove was the spokesperson for the event. He thanked the numerous volunteers that turned out for Cherokee Pride Day. The school was spruced up with the support and efforts of the volunteers. About 136 volunteers signed up for the event but he estimated that there were many more, about 180 volunteers. Principal Breedlove thanked them for their work and he hoped that this event could be extended to spring time also.


Principal Breedlove spoke about the events calendar, which is posted on the website. He encouraged everyone to visit the website since he said that teachers submit events information daily and is updated by office staff.


Next was introductions of VIPs, seated in the front row was Ms. Kim McGimsey, Instructional Support Supervisor, Loudon County School Director Wayne Honeycutt, New D-3 Greenback school board member Lisa Russell, Jason Vance, Secondary Supervisor, D-3 Commissioner Bob Franke, State Representative Jimmy Matlock, and new D-5, Seat B school board member Van Shaver. Also in attendance was Ms. Ramona Best, a Greenback High School graduate. She also served as teacher and principal and most recently as instructional supervisor in the Loudon County Schools. Best is now the principal of Fort Craig Elementary School, Maryville School System.


School Director Honeycutt spoke to the crowd and said that he was privileged to meet them. He thanked the crowd for showing their support with a good turnout. “Together we can” was Director Honeycutt’s theme message and the crowd applauded him.   


Principal Breedlove spoke about the graduation rates and No Child Left Behind. He said that the graduation rates had been in the news. Letters about the graduation rates went out to parents about this matter. Breedlove told the audience that a graduation task force has been formed to help address the problem.

Greenback obtained a graduation rate of 86.5 for the 2005-2006 school year and 89.2% for the 2006-2007 school year which placed the school as a High Priority, improvement 1 status. The state and federal goal for Greenback School is 89.5.

He encouraged parents to work together, have a positive attitude and to encourage students to attend school everyday. He also thanked PTO president Terry Grimshaw for her endless efforts in support of Greenback School and the crowd joined in singing happy birthday as tribute to her.


After the meeting concluded, parents, students and residents strolled down the hallways to look at classrooms and visit with school teachers and personnel.