Harassment rife in Tellico Village

A recent article about problems in Tellico Village leaves the impression that armed guards are necessary because management faces physical danger from property owners. This is not the case.

I am a 78-year-old property owner in Tellico Village who has been subjected to Internet bullying and harassment by someone who has access to POA records, which is denied to most of us property owners. I have been called an old hag, a liar, crazy, accused of engaging in deviant and perverted behavior, told that my neighbors all hate me and everyone wishes I would just die. I have received anonymous letters and repeated hang-up phone calls at all hours of the night, even when my husband was critically ill. The obvious purpose of this harassment is to discredit me and convince people I am a malcontent nut case.

I became a target of this abuse after I wrote a letter to the Village Connection newspaper questioning the need for repaving all the streets in Tellico Tillage. Our general manager, Winston Blazer, had produced an "expert" who told the board all the streets had to be repaved immediately to avoid costly repairs in the future. I questioned the need for this since our streets were in good condition and not in need of repairs. My concerns proved to be well-founded, since our streets now, after being resurfaced with one-fourth of an inch of new pavement, have cracks, pot holes, crumbling pavement, cave-ins on the sides and places where the new pavement has come off the old.

I am not the only property owner who has been targeted for harassment and abuse for questioning management's excessive spending on questionable projects. I and many other property owners feel that if our general manager feels so threatened that he needs an armed guard outside his office door and all that expensive security equipment, he should seriously consider getting another job.

Marilyn Mazzeo