Road Issue Addressed



Narrow Hubbard road


Hubbard Road Improvement

By: Pat Hunter

September 21, 2008


If you use Hubbard Road to get to Crestwood Hills subdivision, here’s some good news. Road Superintendent Sean Giles addressed an ongoing road problem for area residents and commuters that travel along Hubbard Road. The county road is very narrow and heavily used by cars, trucks, city and county school buses and Giles installed rip rap along the road ditch line. Since the road has no shoulder there are always tense moments when a bus and truck travel at the same time.


Although Crestwood Hills was annexed by Lenoir City, city officials refused to annex Hubbard and maintain the road, thus it remained a county road. After heavy rains, the ditch would fill with water, leaves and debris, which would spill into the road way.


Area residents have complained for years with no satisfaction. Former road supervisor Don Palmer would send out the Highway Department crew to clean out the ditch when it filled with leaves but the problem would re-surface, year after year. Its nice to have a road superintendent that takes the time to listen to area residents, address the issues and resolve the matter in a timely and cost effective manner.