Pat Hunter seeks Seat B District 5 Commissioner


AUGUST 5 - County General Election 2010



AUGUST 5, 2010    

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(Vote For One)

 __  REP __ DEM      PAT  HUNTER, IND


Pat Hunter announces her candidacy for Seat B 5th District Commissioner. My name PAT HUNTER (IND) will be located on the right hand side of the August 5th Loudon County General ballot. As an Independent candidate, I will be free of all party politics and my votes will be based solely on the voice of 5th District residents.

Loudon County has been my familyís home for 29 years. Years ago, I began attending Commission and Budget Committee meetings. I learned about local issues and the Countyís multimillion dollar budgets. I also stayed abreast of local air quality issues as I continue to attend local Air Quality meetings. I feel I have an insight to the issues and problems that affect our citizens.

My platform, I believe in factual decision making and good stewardship of taxpayer money. I will work for a senior citizens property tax freeze. Provide complete information on the county gov website and meetings. Improved education system; an educated workforce is a key component to a thriving economy and attracting good paying jobs. I support increasing revenues by attracting more commerce and clean industry. This approach would not increase taxes. Eliminate wasteful spending. I will not be like the career bureaucrats who spend your money without thinking how hard it is to earn. I will not rubber stamp the requests of career politicians who have been in public office so long they don't value your hard earned money and want to spend it unwisely. I support term limits.

I have no family ties or political agenda. As your commissioner, I would be free to vote on school funding matters and county budgets without a real or perceived conflict of interest between my personal interests and my vote on Commission. 

My civic accomplishments include a court challenge of Mayor Arpís $25 public records policy; collected 2,500 name petition to State officials requesting air monitoring and health assessment. Worked with other citizens to change community TV-3 exclusion of public comments from public meetings and successfully fought against a camera ban at public meetings.

To share your concerns or for more information, please visit my websites.

You deserve better government that will listen and stand up for you. My goal is to bring open and accountable government to County government, which has been the hallmark of my citizen advocacy. I would bring a breath of fresh air to Commission.

When you cast your ballot on August 5, I respectfully request the consideration of your vote.

Thank you.  

Pat Hunter



If you would like to volunteer on my campaign, please drop me an email or call.