Republican Freshman State Representative Julia Cheyanne Hurley is in the news once more.

Just last month she appeared in a Roane County Newspaper Click New state representative cited for speeding; her alleged speeding ticket, compounded by a litany of past driving record problems.

This month she appears in a  HOOTERS MAGAZINE "Orange Pride Spotlight" where she credits much of her success to her former employer.

"Hurley's article says her Hooters career taught her how overcome obstacles on her way to the state Capitol. "If I could make it at Hooters, I could make it anywhere," she wrote.

GOP lawmaker, Julia Hurley of Lenoir City, credits Hooters for success

So far this story has been covered by talk radio, Tennessee newspapers, and now the national media MS-NBC "Tenn. GOP lawmaker credits Hooters for success"  and the HUFFINGTON POST "Julia Hurley Credits Hooters For Success.  The HUFFINGTON POST article said, "The link also became a direct benefit to her electoral bid when former regular customers made campaign contribution "without question or hesitation," she said."

Another article appeared in a LA Blog with an excerpt at the end of the story. Tennessee state Rep. Julia Hurley: Hooters  shaped  who she is today - ..."Hooters wouldn't be our first choice as a place to work, but that's mostly because waitressing is hard enough without having to wear those garish, skimpy outfits. But who cares if somebody else did? It's a little funny to credit the restaurant known for booty shorts and boob tops for your success, but to each their own."


Steeped in Controversy

Liberal or Christian Conservative


The race for the 32nd legislative state representative seat didn't fall short on finger pointing or controversy.

In June 2010 amid the contested Republican Primary, candidate Julia Hurley ran against opponent Jason Bagnell. During the primary race, controversial pant-less photos appeared on a website, which were taken 5 years earlier in her former modeling career. The pictures were promptly removed. News articles appeared in the Roane and Knoxville newspapers including Racy photos vex state rep candidate: series removed from website   Site removes photos of state rep candidate

A June 27, 2010 Roane County News article captioned, "Pantless photo of candidate send another message" reported the racy photos incident. Her opponent Jason Bagnell was reluctant to speak when asked if the picture " goes against the conservative values Hurley has been touting with voters in the district." I dont know her views, he said. Thats up to the voters to decide that. Hurley didnt provide an answer when asked if she thought the picture represented the values shes been touting to voters. If you have questions for me you need to schedule an appointment to ask them, she said in an e-mail. Hurley and Bagnell are seeking the seat now held by Dennis Ferguson, a Democrat, in the Nov. 2 general election."  

In another article in the Roane newspaper, during the campaign she often referred to Dennis Ferguson when speaking about top Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (Washington DC liberals).

Julia Hurley ran as a Conservative Christian. Her campaign included TV ads with prominent Republicans including State Representative Jimmie Matlock and others. Hurley swept into office on a Republican tide, and on November 2, 2010 unseating long term (18-year incumbent) Democratic State Rep Dennis Ferguson by nearly 1,000 votes.

Did Julia Hurley credit Hooters on her campaign website when she ran for public office?

Did Hurley refer to Hooters in her candidate answers in the News Herald (see bellow) or on her resume to the voters; not that I can see. 

Representative Hurley represents part of Lenoir City and Roane County; mostly conservative districts.

Will Tennessee State Representative Julia Hurley live up to the expectations of voters, challenges and responsibilities of her new job, or is she more interested in attention and publicity; I guess time will only tell?



Tennessee House of Representatives 32nd District candidate responses

 "Julia Hurley

What is you background and what makes you qualified for the position?

I was born and raised in Lenoir City, Tenn. I attended Maryville College and attained a BA in Business and Organizational Management and Economics.  I have been involved in politics since the young age of 5, when my grandfather, Bruce Atchley got me involved.  I have since founded College Republicans, Young Republicans and Women's Club's across the State of Tennessee. "